hey guys do you think people can go bananas because of this sight look at me im straight bonkersbanana banana banana banana wow
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naw john, they just get a bit of a lemon.('rolling on the floor laughing');
Interesting statement buddy.
I question whether you mean "because of this website?"
Surely not though since it's spelt "sight" which leads us to our perception of you. The question posed to me suggests that you, in a rather subliminal manner are asking..."Do you think we can go bananna's from the sight of you"

Adversly, I ponder your logic for asking such a complex question in such a cryptic form and I can only deduce that this is quiet simply a brilliantly minimised blog that touches on a pyschological theory of the state of one's own mind as perceived in third person by others.

The last part of blog states that you're "straight bonkers" it validates that afore mentioned, but is it contagious? I tell you what, I'm going into the kitchen now to put on the kettle and have a cup of Earl Grey while I contemplate the many diverse questions presented to me in this blog. cheers
hey why don't we put lemons and bananas together then we have a lemanabanana banana banana sleep
if the sight of me makes you sick close your eyes because i am blinding
bet some of those soft drinks companies are trying it right now, should have copyrighted that one john,('frustrated');
how about lemana jack lemons and bananas and jackdaniels
no john, your talking c*ck-tail now, don't get the dames mad at you.('wine');('rolling on the floor laughing');
as long as it gets you drunk and taste goodbanana banana banana banana professor
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