Finally my own bookstore

After two years of working in several call centers and stay sometimes jobless Now I have my own project,
I just finished the preparations for my store, I only have to buy copier that is expensive but its not big problem and things I'm going to sell befor school starts .
I will offer a choice of classifications written materials and office supplies. Included offering books, newspapers and magazines
and computer accessories.............

i know i have already posted 1 blog like that befor but it was only when i had the idea in my mind but this blog coz i'll make it real so good luck to me
and if u need books or keyborad,headset or ............... call me i'll sell u from cs hehehehe im kidding

rolling on the floor laughing heart wings
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best of luck with the new venture, soulayman, hope its a big success, it takes courage to try something new, and a leap of fate, so to speak, by the way, how much are the penny bars. ('wine');
Thank you so much head banger ur so kind
penny bars? u mean wine ! i really dont know there are bars here in my city but i dont drink wine so i have never been there
applause CONGRATULATION to your succes for making your dream come true soulayman,,,being a boss is not easy but keep up and be a succesful bussinesman always.wish you all the best bro..i order from you a keyboard,i want the best,looool....GOODLUCK OKbouquet teddybear cheers
Thank you so much Jedahh kiss sad flower
congratulation cheering
never give up coz there many hopes.. if 1 door closed then there will be many doors to open wine
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