Emoticons: How much can ya bear?

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I've gotta say right now that sometimes I feel like getting a knife out of the kitchen drawer, grab my victim and then proceed to decapitate it. Not only that; I'm then going to rip the innards out, throw them in the air with glee and then stomp the remains into pulp.

There..... got that off my chest.

I'm only kidding off course; it's more of a silly urge that comes over me every now and then. Like when I see half a dozen of those teddy bear emoticons, all lined up together, with the hearts flying out of them. Actually I just figured out that they are blowing kisses and not trying to rip their chests open like I would with that knife.

Now I'm not specifically picking on the bear here...... just it's annoying overuse; and that also applies to a few of its mates; the banana, the dog, the yah-hooer, the puker and the fluttering heart spring to mind. To me, the bear is an expression of sympathy; like when someone's dog dies.

Why do people have to use so many of them? Isn't one bear per post enough. Okay, maybe two bananas can dance together and the emoticon that rolls around laughing depends on the circumstances. 1= You're cracking up. 2= You just spat coffee over your keyboard. 3= You fell off your chair and broke ya leg!

The other day I saw these emoticons at the end of a post.teddybearvery madyay

confused Sort of contradict each other, eh?

And can some one tell me what the hell this is supposed to be---->crazy

A ghost? A sheep? A cloud with legs?dunno

And off course there is that puking emoticon. Don't think I've had a reason to use it yet; no matter how nauseating a blog or thread may be. It's enough to make ya sick!

There's no doubting the usefulness of emoticons..... when used for their purpose. i.e. Expression. Especially in this environment where English is not everyone's first language and translations can be misinterpreted. And some people do get a bit excitable when they communicate.

Anyways, I've put away the knife..... but I've got the air freshener and spare shirt handy. Just in case that teddy bear pukes on me! cheers
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I think some of those emoticons are funny.(some of them..not all).. But then again... english is not my first language... ;))
I´ll stop using emoticons when the cute teddy bear pukes...
I dare to say this since u put the knife away .;))
Have a nice and knifeless day;))))
I was waiting for that knife to go down before I postedgrin
I'm innocent,I just discovered how to use them tonight. dunno
Ina. It was only the other day that I realised what all those parentheses were about. I haven't a clue what they actually mean so......

Can ya please use the CS emoticons that I can understand!rolling on the floor laughing
And Carobnjak mate.

That's perfect! You look like ya been doing it all your life. cheers
yep billy lol.
dont like them, dont use them ... and i think its a gay yeti dancing!!
Thanks Billy,
good blogging billy, just been amusing myself, and confessing in your other blogs lol
Billly, it is Alfi who got you so worked up. I would say keep the knife in your hand, wait, and let him come back. We need some resolution. And you don’t need to stomp on his remains and innards; everything about him is already pulpy. barf
billy my mate
emoticons is fun ,even the puking one.but if u feel so bad ,keep ur knife shapred ,cause i have some tities to operate.rolling on the floor laughing
if u need an explaination on emticons u can ask me ,sending a mail.the dancing sheep reminds me always our beloving smittens .r.i.p.beer cheers thumbs up yay cool
i agree billy, fine when used to stretch a point, but overuse dose grate a little, you see the problem with these emotions, is that some people have emotional problems, ill try to hatch something new, just for you billy.
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ben except the funny of emoticons ,sometimes they help u express ur feelings ,better than writing some 100's words.dont u think???confused conversing cheers
no alf ,because if the emotion was available for me to post, for one particular girl last night, to express how i felt, i would have been thrown off the site this morning.

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Ben, how did you find an emoticon who looks so much like you?confused laugh laugh That one's cute! Now is there a dominatrix one for me?

CT, why don't you write a blog about the proper etiquette and use of emoticons? I'm sure you would have an opinion or two.kiss
forget the naughty situations ben.besides dancing bananas cover this field of emotions .rolling on the floor laughing banana
but go on buddy ,after all this is a DATING site.and people date to fulfith their needs emotionally or more.cheers
i do try venus, but its getting harder all the time, the emotions i mean.

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Miis venus, where have you been, I missed you on my pu**y blog

Reagards, Ct.kiss
i have a feeling billy, that you are sorry you ever asked.

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it must be a crazy alien, without shape...
great art billy, cheers!!! 10...58..70! sold!!
laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing professor professor scold roll eyes roll eyes tongue yawn wave wave head banger banana banana banana blushing wink sleep conversing applause cheering crying blues devil angel sigh innocent help moping dunno confused smitten wow uh oh thumbs up thumbs down mumbling beer wine frustrated drinking cool dancing very mad grin doh comfort handshake yay kiss hug cheers barf peace heart wings lips bouquet sad flower teddybear heart beating purple heart heart1 gift

peace Cheers Billy! peace
awesome picture, Billy - orange juice, huh ? hmm..maybe try a straw next time dunno
no no its scrabble eggs.am i right billy????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing banana banana cheers yay
Thanks Pomana. I'm glad ya mentioned the other blogs because I seldom think of looking to see if anyone may have added some comments.

Ya planted your uncle's dope plants in the front yard? Bet they never reached maturity!laugh

CT... Alf's use of emoticons is nothing compared to some I've noticed. At least he saves them for the end...... and not between every second word.

I've been waiting for our friend Fieldir to show up in ya blog. I see he's relocated to Portugal so he's probably busy moving house. He never uses emoticons. Actually, I was starting to suspect he had an alter ego here who completely flooded her posts with the annoying things. I may have been wrong on that one.roll eyes
Orange juice? Scrambled eggs?

All we need now is some custard and it will be a nice little......


professor I shall resist from using THAT emoticon!laugh
Alf mate. Yeah... now that you mention it, Smitten was one of the few who used that thingo quite regularly.

So, just for Smits.. crazy crazy

And Alf... for you..banana banana

thanks mate
dancing banana is representing me the best.
just dont be so against my emoticons.i put them at the end of my comment and always have something to tell.cheers handshake banana cool wave
Venus! Now which emoticon would you prefer?

How about a laugh

or a boxing

Nah. I'm feeling good today so I'll give ya a kiss

Ben. You may be right. I'm encouraging members to break the rules here. i.e. keeping it to 3 emoticons per post.

Awww... to heck with the rule book!cheers
the women are convinced we are all gone mad, whose to say there wrong. they are going to brain us. if we dont get back on track to romance,

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Thanks Hugh. I was wondering what the reference to aliens was about...... and then I saw Alf's blog.laugh

Hi Maybe. Tell that to the Emoticon with the weak stomach. Think I might get on to CS Admin and see if they can supply some barf bags for those vile little spewers. beer

And Sherwood.... hang on while I grab my sunnies...


Ah... now I can see!

You're lucky Jack's gone MIA. He would have really chewed ya head off!laugh

Was that post meant for this blog?laugh
i think so billy, its been that kind of a day i cant remember, jases, ive been feeling unwell all day with stomach cramps,
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These emotions can sure add some lovely and lively atmosphere to our blogs or comments, if we can use them suitably but not inundantly.

I like that clouds with legs!!!crazy
Stomach cramps, eh Ben?

Hmm. Sounds more like a bad case of butterflies in there.

Okay..... who is she?grin
I agree wholeheartedly Jan. They add character to a post; but going overboard with them can make it look like a sloppily arranged Christmas tree.

As I'm typing this I am munching through a packet of jelly babies. That cloud with legs wouldn't look out of place among them.laugh
Hi Billy, Great photo! My personal pet hate is the teddybear and not going to use it anymore yay:
yay Pixels!
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