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Ok, so I said I`d put this up yesterday...I got distracted by Harry Potter rofl
As far my talents in art
I draw, mostly horses, rabbits, or anthropomorphics. I have tried humans and it`s tough. I can never draw the eyes equal in location or size on the face. I`ll learn:)
I also love photography and intend to photograph my own pets when I my dream farm up and running:) I did so for my show rabbits and have done so for every pet I`ve had. I just can`t get photos of myself because let`s face it, it`s difficult. That`s why, cams rock lol

I write song lyrics, and when I was younger, I used to stay up and sing Carol King 3 hours a night. I sound exactly like her, to the tee, there`s like, no difference. It`s been a while since I`ve actively sang, so I should get back into that.

I`ve done some crafts over the years, my favorite being felting. I even experimented with Jersey Wooly (rabbit) wool mixed with lambs wool. It wasn`t as hardy as I would`ve liked, so I think it would`ve been better to cross the lambs wool with the Angora (rabbit) wool, as long as it wasn`t the Satin variety. I do want to get into croqueting, knitting, and sewing, and making fursuits.

What`s a fursuit?
Imagine an anthropomorphic animal.
What`s an anthropomorphic animal?
I perfect blend of human and animal characteristics. Go to to see examples. You can also see fursuits there.
Ok, so after imagining that anthro animal, make a life size costume from head to foot, much like a better custom, detailed, mascot. They can take around a month to make, but usually sell for 1-3k.

And here`s an idea I came up with earlier this year.

On the social networking animated program SecondLife, there`s a big community called, neko. Which stands for, cat-girl or cat-guy. Cat-girls are more of a larger community but those who create the neko outfits are making a killing. Usually these outfits consist of a top of some sort, bottom be it bikini, skirt, shorts, pants, kilt, etc. They usually have a few cat like items like a fish, a mouse, etc. hanging on the kilts and skirts or tails. There are ears, tails, paws, and/or boomers which are like really thick leg warmers that go all the way up to the upper thigh. Usually only the tail is scripted which means if someone clicks on it, and chooses an option, certain things are said in that general chat window pertaining to the person wearing that tail. There are naughty tails, erotic tails, weapons tails, etc. Sometimes ears are scripted, and once in a blue moon so are paws which are worn on the feet.

I had this crazy notion of recreating these outfits in the real world, going off of the designs of the SL RAWR Store creators, and splitting profits with them. All I need, are materials, sewing machine, and a way to do some sort of scripting. The mouse and fish I can make by using felt easily enough. I could easily make even the claws, of which some are made as well. I`ll have to get some photos of my vampire avatar wearing some RAWR or those of you on SL can look me up as Myrianna Daines.

So the goal now, is to get a sewing machine.

*waits for one to drop out of the sky*
C`mon Harry Potter, I watched part of Chamber of Secrets today, you can at least get me a sewing machine.
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You should keep an eye out for approaching heavy clouds. Vroommmm..puf..puf..vr.vrommm..puf..put. just as they get off the ground, their engine sort of get a hiccup, and they fall. In the last seconds, they get it cranking again, and they take to the air again. I would be very careful when they come up close. But from their erratic behavior, you may get an idea of size and weight of your order. When you see them make a drop, I would run for shelter, just in case. It all depends on how deeply you felt for your wish. In these cases, a size of a ten story building is not uncommon. Be careful, and wish you the very best
just remember soquilli, when your rich and famous, that long, long, ago, you remember knowing some mere mortals on, C.S.
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No clue what you`re talking about 2.
Don`t worry ben, how can I forget a pretty face like yours? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
ill take that as a rollicking good compliment, seen as you shoot from the hip.
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blues oh.. very sorry, it was air-delivery of sewing machine ! It could be sooo big ! sad flower
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