is god love ???????

Is there a god .Or is god something that we wont to belivein becos god macks us feel better
a bout are salfs.And is a hope .that there is some thing better out there.?
All my life my dad was an atheism[those who are] without god . but the day befor he past-on
he wanted a pastor at his side. so he can go in peace.
And yes i do belive in are lord god .But i just cannot understand my dad
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well jesus could never figure out how his father could let him get nailed to a cross, so you not understanding your dad, is forgivable, so if you lose the plot, and nail your dad to a cross, it is apparently called love,,,,,, there answered, im good aint i.
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sorry to hear about your father eeros but what is it that you didnt quiet understand about your dad??? is it because something he never beleived in threw out his life' he done so for a finish???
i dont understand why????? he ask for god
perhaps its because we die but only once and in death only one thing matters to us and if that was one of your fathers last thoughts hope he found comfort in an answer... i remember when i lost someone that was very close to my heart' he didnt beleive in god either but his last few hrs his chest cage was very heavy from wanting to continue to breath why i didnt understand why'but the priest had been delayed and it took him a few hrs to get to the hospital and the moment the priest entered and started saying his prayers his chest eased his breathing steadied till it stopped and he peacefully passed away only moments after the priest came into the room... its like he was waiting and wouldnt go without having a blessing that he never beleived in... angel
I would say honestly its probably the fact that he thought about it and being somewhat afraid not knowing the unknown,its better to go with insurance on the fact that he might have been wrong the whole time,but then he had a chance to give it at least a thought.I mean if i was atheist i would probably do the same thing and i dont know to many ppl who are,your dad sounded like he was open minded but stuck to his opnions,and im sorry for your loss. :(
@ Eeros.....sounds like your dad's disbelief was not as sure as he made it sound during his lifetime. He may have expressed his disbelief in God because of something in early life. Glad to hear he returned to calling on Him in the end. If YOU are a believer, just rememeber; It is not for us to understand everything that goes on....just get some peace & comfort from knowing that your dad believed @ the end!
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