all of us wants and seek love..

we always search nor look for someone who can be our lifetime partner..who can love us uncondtionally..who will accept us no matter what our past bring to us..keep on believing that someday we'd be able to find the right one here..the one who could be the delight and be sunshine of our lives..who will bring us joy and hopes.,,but really there's no assurance of winning here..but eventhough we still play,,draw our cards and give ourselves a chance to someone we'd never knew and meet yet..
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If you look for someone in here who accept you not matter what are you , it's so bullshit dear not gonna happen in a dating sites like this laugh

find someone in your real life don't put hope in this site cool
laugh laugh manroe,manroe,my ooohhh mylaugh rolling on the floor laughing youre soooo funny lahlaugh teddybear
@jeddah : maybe iam rolling on the floor laughing
we are all fishing for a dream, for some it will happen, others will haul in empty nets, or the wrong catch, its fishing, but if you hoist your sails and put to sea, you may catch your fish, if you stay in port, you wont catch anything, '' home is the hunter, home from the hill, and the sailor home from the sea ''
funny no some are getting kind of stupid with saying your not going to find love on this site but that's what this site is dating site dating site dating site dating site dating site
well ive read some of the comments u have gotten and i have only 1 thing to say !!! if u want some thing bad enough then dont give up. yes it can be hard to find love here but it is here. there are plenty of genuine men here, u just have to sort out the shit and find your piece of gold. some women say they are looking for love when they relly have other agenders. if u are hones to your feelings and truthfull then u will find him. u may have to talk or even meet some but aventully u will find him. dont give up
thanks to all people who made their comments hir..,
@manroe..thanks for reminding me..but i think some of here are sincere in finding their mate..heheh though some are just for fun..
@ben..yes so much agree..thanks for ur open and broad minded..really like it..
@john..hahah yes it is dating site to find and search someone else even it is friends or whatsoever..
@head..yes we dont need to generalize them..some of here have genuine intention some are having an agenda hehhe...thanks for ur warmth comment..really appreciate it..
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