since 1984 my diggestion is very poor, please adwi

My,diggestion is very poor, gastric problem, always restless, irritable, god has given me everything, but due to my poor diggestion , i am not enjoying full, please guide me what i can do, thanks to all who will guide me.
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try these exercises, for gastric wind, just keep everyone at least 25 paces to the prevaling wind.
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stomach bypass surgery?
Try digestive enzymes and probiotics. They have helped many people. If you look it up on the Internet you should find reference resources on how/why they work.

Good luck!!! teddy
Have you tried eating many different varieties of food, each by themselves. I would eat a strait diet of rice for a couple weeks and see how I feel. Then a strait diet of corn, then wheat, bananas, etc...Maybe you've tried it. There are some many different kinds of food, maybe you can find one that agrees with your digestive system. Look at your family history, see what regions they lived in many many years ago and try eating foods that are native to those areas. Just some ideas...good luck.
Maybe it's guilt eating at you. How is the widow? Did you ever tell your wife about her?roll eyes
Since 1984? Interesting.

Got a compo claim going by any chance?grin
If you have not tried it you might find eating ginger may help settle your stomach. It has been used in some parts of the world for a very long time for helping with digestion.
Ask god for another stomach.
Hi, I suggest you buy the book by Doctor Peter D´Adamo "Eat right for your Blood type" He has done extensive research on the gastric juices that different blood types have and has made a list of what different blood type groups can digest.

I´m a naturopath and have put this into practice for myself and others and it has workd 100%. I highly recommend it.

Good Luck
Hi. Your gastrointestinal problem is easy to fix by a mighty deuteriumpath like me.

Drink very small, not at all fatal or even sickening doses of any strong acting poison: arsenic, a heavy earth metal like mercury or bromide or chlorine, or cianide.

Increase the dosage daily by 10 percent by volume. Be careful to not overstep the increasement limits.

In seven days you will see some improvement. The poison acts not only on the bacterial and viral causes of your stomach upset, and it does not ONLY readjusts your gastrointenstinal biochemical reaction patterns, driving away ill-willed molecules and simplex proteins. No, it does more, and it is my patented invention: It also drives away the demons and evil spirits that live in your guts, the souls of old and now dead mother-in-laws, grade school teacherins, old jilted lovers, and all the employees and subordited and subjugated people who wished you ill or dead as a compensation to their lot in life, and now parts of their spirits live in your guts, gnawing away on your upper intestines and giving you gas.

This cure has been patented in several countries, and I got the Aufenthaltserlaubnis Prize in 1987 in Vienna for it, the Mbashandrangroo prize of Nigeria in 1992, and the "Y" prize of the nik-nik people of south Tanzania, who live in tree trunks and figure the ficus bird is the tree god.
If the above cure scares you, then by Dr. Schnazeberger's book, "The Dietary Guide by Myers-Briggs Personality Type and Learning Style Inventory". It is an indespensable book in my practice, and everyone I know has been helped by it 100%.

If you don't have enough money to buy a book then I suggest that you reduce the amount of strong tasting and hot or sharp seasoning from your dietary intake. Also take out the fishbones, and the little sharts of glass and old rusty nails from your plate in front of you. Ask your wife to halve all the curry and pepper and paprika in your food, gradually. Before each meal, give a sample of your dinner to your cow or horse or elephant. If they survive, you can eat your dinner.

On the other hand, if you run out of domestic farm animals due to this prescription, then don't despair, you can continue the testing for fitness for human consumption of your wife's cooking by feeding the samples to small household appliances: The TV, the vacuum-cleaner, the toaster. Similarly to your dogs and cats, if any survive the food sampling, eat the meal, if they die within five minutes of the first few bites, go to McDonalds.
there are many disorders like ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and other problems that can cause this. The best thing to do is to see a physician. Good luck.
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