How do you think Obamas doing?

What do you think of him?? whats your reasons? thumbs up thumbs down
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briefley, it dosent matter a damn who sits in the oval office, the guys in the back rooms, smoking the big cigars, make all the real decisions, they always did, they always will, the puppet in the chair is irrelivent, be he black, or white.
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I am from Canada but I think Obama is doing a great job because of the mess that was left for him.
Ben, I totally agree with you! The power is in the hands of the few elite. No politicians have any power. Puppets one and all.
He's doing the same as every other politician i.e. being power hungry and not doing enough for the people who need help the most.
snowella, you've been duped. Obama and the Democrats voted for "the mess" they are now blaming Bush for. They Democratw were in power back then. And they haven't done a thing about it except make it 10 times worse.
Of course, now that I'm single, I find myself agreeing with him more. I think it's because I notice most single women are liberals.dunno
I think he had brochitis last week, but he is feeling better now. His movement is regular, sort of a footlong one-and-one-quarter inch thick. His appetite is good, and his sleep is often interrupted by the snore of his bodyguards in the o*al bedroom. I mean oval bedroom. Ovulating bedroom.

The morning walk around the lawn is a good idea, but often he skips it, in favour of skipping. His muscle tone has improved, but he's become a bit paler than usual. (NOT a racist joke. Black people pale and tan as much as white folks, and visibly so. Just not so extra visibly.)

His golf game is on the upswing, but his chess skills require much to be appreciated any more.
"I am from Canada but I think Obama is doing a great job because of the mess that was left for him. "

Oh, that... I should think there would be a team of CIA operatives whose primary readiness training were in the art of toilet-cleaning.
What do I think of Obama?

Your not supposed to use profanity on this site, so I can't tell you! And besides, there is not enough space here to call him all the names he is, or what I think of that A$$ Whole, and SOB!

But thanks for asking, and giving me the opportunity to do so anyway!

Obama is ruining this country. It is said that most people don't realize that.
HE IS OK.A CUTE WELL TANNED MUSLIM AMERICAN.GO OBAMA GO rolling on the floor laughing doh comfort frustrated head banger peace
I think he has a lot from left over. it is only his first year, and he is trying to fix what has already been ruined. I think he's doing a good job.
Wake up the U.S. is in serious trouble!

Obama's policies spending us into oblivion.

Children are born into this country owing $30,000 dollars
to the U.S. national debt!

We can't borrow our way out of trouble using China as a credit card forever. The interest alone we are paying is eating us alive!

We can't bailout companies and states with borrowed money
for Christ's sake! Wake up!

Do we want to end up like Greece?

Lot's of taxpayer money has been wasted on bridges to nowhere, and other stupid crap.

I guess Nancy Pelosi needed her new office redecorated? Right!

The Obama administration still has no budget in place.
Also what the hell happened to "Pay Go?"

No jobs are being created.
The only thing being created is uncertainty
in the market economy, and consumers are losing confidence.

Obama is crippling small businesses.
If he raises taxes by letting the Bush Tax cuts expire
businesses won't hire new workers.

Top economists are now predicting a double dip recession.

Let's face it this guy doesn't have the answers.
What would you suggest?

Stop campaigning!
...stop taking vacations, he's on his 6th one so far this year!

He needs to get out of the way and let the free market correct itself instead of regulating the hell out of everything!

Let the damn companies go bankrupt, screw this idea of too big to fail!

We don't want or need Mexican Government Motors (GM)
How is that creating jobs in the U.S.?
Stop spending and sending money overseas, and across borders!

We need to tax the HELL out of China for imports into this country!

States don't need bailouts, they need to cut the spending in their budgets!

Hell, the Obama administration needs to create a budget!

...Also stop printing money which devalues the dollar!

He needs to extend the Bush tax cuts so businesses can afford to hire people and plan for expenses. What is so hard to understand about creating incentives like profitability for business?

He needs to stop squeaking the mattress with the Labor Unions, and bowing to dictators!

He needs to stop expanding government, and stop giving stimulus dollars to his buddies and green pie in the sky energy projects that do nothing for the economy. - Also for instance, stop spending a half a million to create two temporary jobs!
The private sector can do a better job to create lasting jobs!

He needs to cut wages in government across the board, and overall the pension plans!

He needs to audit the Federal Reserve, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Are we really going to bail out Fannie again? ...are you kidding me?

Taxpayers can't afford to give free homes to people that put no money down, and then walk away from there loans leaving us all holding the bag! (People have to invest something otherwise, it is of no value to them.)

He needs to stop trying to redistribute wealth!

The federal government needs to stop buying land...they already can't afford to keep parks open, yet they keep on buying up more and more land!

He needs to fix social security instead of using it as a giant fund to dip into! I'm sure when we get old those IOU's are going to pay the bills!

Also what about that remaining TARP slush fund that hasn't been spent yet, or the stimulus money that hasn't all been spent?

Yet they keep gouging us for more, and even talk about a VAT tax.
Are we really going to let them keep doing this? Where does it end?

How long is unemployment benefits supposed to last...indefinitely?

He needs to stop adding to the deficit! Stop spending money that we don't have on all this sh.t!

Instead of borrowing from China,
He could borrow a few lessons from the green movement he's so fond of,... Reduce spending, Reuse assets, Recycle waste! ... Stop wasting the taxpayers money!!

White racist are never satisfied why dont you ppl just get a hired gun to kill him, put a white president back in charge again and see how it goes.

But if things get worse or at least doesn't get any better plz shut the FK Up. Stop complaining there are countries that have it worse than you, everything doesn't revovle around you ppl as you are lead to believe. America is not invincible neither was the great roman empire everything has an end and so far the way you ppl behave and whine and complain your end is sooner than you think.

Fix your own home or better yet dont throw stones if you live in a glass house.

The reason i say fix your own home is because way before obama america has been playing hero for the world interferring with other ppls wars, now the war is at home and money is running low who's fault is that?

no wonder russians hate you ppl so much i say beware, more and more your enemies are growing in number more than your army will be able to handle. Wars cost alot of money.

If you want to play the race card well hear this, look at africa why put a black man in charge when africa is a prime example why not to do what you did. confused yawn
when i said (white racists) i was not referring to the person who started this blog or evey person that commented, i was more speaking in general to that particular audience and to that guy who said he could not say the words he wanted to say because they are curse words.
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