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Hey there. I thought I'd share with y'all some of the stuff I'm doing or thinking about. I kinda feel like I'm putting electrons into the Void if you know what I mean. I don't know you and you don't know me so let me start by by discussing the weather. It's freakin' HOT.

Now that the sun is down, I'm going to mosey over to the track and run a few miles in the evening twilight. Kinda peaceful in a grueling sort of way watching the sky darken and the clouds change colors as sweat runs in rivulets down my skin and my lungs ache from heat and humidity. We are built for endurance and I'm addicted to it. I heart beating endorphins.
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I was like you once. Coming in here with big dreams of finding love. No look at medunno

Run while you can!
welcome aboard, whisperingwind, if you manage to find her, the endurance will kick in handy, for carrying the messages like, ('rolling on the floor laughing');
handshakewelcome to the planet of ''ALLIENS''whisperingwinds grin just be careful if you meet some nasty pollar bears in here ok,,oh,im not one cos im alliengrin WELCOME TO THE MADHOUSE OF CShandshake grin teddybear
Thanks jeddah. I can see polar bears and emoticons are not endangered on CS.
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