im just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i was on it was allowed, i knew a pianist once onit and over the time i spent on the site he came back to me with 6different user names not sure why really maybe he was testing me as we did have some kind of a connection thing going on or maybe he wanted to see if he could still captivate me by been another charector or by perhaps maybe showing a different side of him entirely trying to see which side of him i liked best but honestly i dont know why do some people play such games atall dunno do know though it is but such a bloody pain in the arse soooo just wondering' do the silly games go on here also??? confused

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yes itchy its simple, just need 2 separate computers in the house, you need wonder no more, one will do if you are really computer literate.
hmmm lovely... thought this place might of been different because its free where as the other site you pay to become a member meaning to them it was all about the money and thats why they let anyone take out as many profiles as they liked.
u can have as many pofiles u can handle ,with only one pc and diff ids.doh comfort handshake bouquet wave
Yep,and get kicked off the Site!uh oh
well we could arrange for you to see us twice, although we expect once is too many, he, he. ok,ok, im outa here.
hi my friend.yes if get caught,but i know many of cs members using at least two profiles.some times diff sex onescheers
different id's alf? but isnt the only thing they look for is your private email address? and if you tried more then one profile and the email was the same wouldnt you then be forbidden or as comrad says' get kicked off? .. but weather you could pull it off or not over all would i be right in saying it is not allowed??? confused
iv already seen your sights lastnight ben blushing and trust me once is enough laugh no need for 2nds tongue
listen my dear,i used the wrong verb ,i dont know in fact i suspect this.
if u use diff e-mail addresses there is mo problem.
i know cause b4 2 months i made a profille of my friend and used real fotos and details ,but through my after some days they kicked him off ,and i got a warning.doh frustrated handshake wine wave
please my modesty must be respected.('doh');
ofcouse ohh mighty BEN 999rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bowing bowing thumbs up tip hat
got ya alf and ta-ta for explaining hug and ben' you were not too worried lastnight about your modesty when you went shaking that skinny little thingy of yours about tongue so much for saint patrick chasing all the snakes out of ireland but all well there you go' one always seems to get away does it not? laugh
pls dear ,dont be so mean on ben;s little snake.
its his company on the cold irland's winter nights.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay comfort doh wave
ireland's or irish not the typo irlanddoh confused wave
its not that small a snake, is it really , i must defend my manhood.?
ok ben
i didnt know u talk ab the big guy down there.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
eh alf i thought i was been very kind to ben hmmm after all i did call it a snake rather then a worm laugh hee-hee giggle
ops that hurtsrolling on the floor laughing doh comfort help wave
bet it tickles more then it hurts laugh laugh laugh oops sorry ben but i couldnt resist that giggle now ben will you pls put that wee thingy away its putting the hee-bee-gee-bee's up in me everytime i see it... hole
dont hurt a bit, its psychology, she knows im the best kept secret in town, she just wants me all for herself, if she only knew it, she already has. sshhhhh
go bennie gocheering banana head banger applause yay
i havent a greedy bone in my body ben unlike you with your over active one giggle
hes only over overactive when someone really likes him, now hes sad, we are starting a new exercise regime to impress itchy, and win her heart, for keeps.
sorry my two lovers.i am out of here.u look very nice together
ben take care of ur gf itchy and girl tc of ben's severe bain damage.good luck rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace comfort confused applause banana head banger bouquet
and itchy , b4 u move deeper with ben ,chech which profile he is gonna use,the snake's one or the warm's onerolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing banana wave bouquet yay
thanks alf' il keep that in mind and ben does he not become over active when its him that really likes someone??? i kinda thought thats how it went?confused
he can explain all that to you on his own profile, he, he, i think its maggot 1, the one is for 1 inch i think, LOL('banana');
only joking, i only have 1 profile, catch you later my lovely itchy, im off to soak the tittling stick, ha, ha, lol
hmmmmm nope i best not say anything but im tempted im tempted devil but i wont.. daydream
Jeezzzzz !!1 Get a grip you lot !!!! Open a bottle of wine !!! LOL !
get a grip??? hee-hee no thanks giggle
you know itchy, i was just pondering, while soaking the titling stick, in the bath earlier, he suddenly sank, by the way a worrying development, '' too much information '' i hear you cry, but i was thinking maybe some people only need one profile, because they have many personalities at play, and maybe there one persona, on one blog, and another person entirely somewhere else on the site, i wonder if that happens, maybe the little stick-man with the willy wonka, is my alter ego, an you being a witch, might have evil plans for me at Halloween, oh god, now im after frightening meself.
What is it itchy ...u like two handers?

Google this.
whats my ip.
the number it provides is your web fingerprint, 90% of the sites you go to see it just as easy as goggle provides, the second u enter it!
So no multiple emails or a second computer will work.....

It will work for a little while..
getting baned would b easy!!

Thats Child's play!
apart from sinking your boat ben hope you had a enjoyable bath? you all squeaky clean now so be a good little lad and try staying that way wink i knew this woman once and after mailing a certain someone for so long they decided to meet, on his profile he was very open about everything and through their privating mailing she came to know him even more but anyways when they met at first glance she relised he had kept from her what was probly the first thing he should of told her' he was in a wheelchair and since this blog is about profiles and the people behind them i think its wrong someone keeping that from the one whos mailing them and maybe im wrong but i dont think so.
oh gosh jack you have lost me confused but nope i dont want two heck its hard enough been myself without trying to be another also stuck
There is so much fake on the internet it is disgusting!!

but what can u do really...
Webcams people , see what u should so or never at all this way..

But you are absolutely right,
thats y i said u should really try to see them with a web cam!!
no itchy, your dead right, he should have told her, it was a gross breach of trust not to do so, the only thing i could say in his defense, is that he was so desperate to meet someone, that he created a delusional world, and when you start telling lies, there's no stopping, i haven't told you any lies, im not going to, now or ever, i can look my itchywitch, in the eye, and say, im me im only me, im real, and honest, and if nothing else we are going to be the best friends ever, i promise you that, my star of the west. x
oh no jack webcams are evil on dating sites devil
Your the man ben!!

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