im just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i was on it was allowed, i knew a pianist once onit and over the time i spent on the site he came back to me with 6different user names not sure why really maybe he was testing me as we did have some kind of a connection thing going on or maybe he wanted to see if he could still captivate me by been another charector or by perhaps maybe showing a different side of him entirely trying to see which side of him i liked best but honestly i dont know why do some people play such games atall dunno do know though it is but such a bloody pain in the arse soooo just wondering' do the silly games go on here also??? confused

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Thanks for the Ger handshake
I've since learnt the know how but longer interested in the sick games some such people play.. some people are pathetic, simple as ... END OF.
doh excuse the typo errors.
Ms. Witch, I suspect there's a lot of themon here.
Heck I think it's not enough to have two or three so perhaps 10 profiles of one wouldbe sufficient.

The hard part is when those10 of them come to attack at the same time. Yikes..

Nice blig Ms. Witchwave
I think that having multiple profiles can be harmless and malicious.

Harmless reasons for having multiple profiles:
- the person wants to talk about some private matter or certain topics like an anonymous person - they don't want others to know about their personal issues or opinions
- the person is bored, lives a monotonous life, but wants the interaction with others, so they open several profiles and imagine stories for them - on order to engage other members into discussion and socializing

Malicious reasons for having multiple profiles:
- the person creates a fake conflict with two or more profiles in order to engage others into fighting for the pure sake of making chaos and bad relationships among people
- the person uses a fake profile to tell their real BAD opinion about others, while staying ''nice and friendly'' with the regular one
- the person contacts someone in PM's with several profiles in order to either scam, make fun of or ''test'' a person

There are probably more reasons for creating multiple profiles, but these are the ones I could remember of seeing in the past.
laugh laugh Ms Jones, I see this typo error thing is becoming contagious uh oh lol

And thank you for your comment on this old blig of mine giggle

A good evening to you there wine
Lol Ms. Witchrolling on the floor laughing at least I can laugh at this one. Sorry about that "blig".

Yes contagious it is.

Goid night Ms. Witch.comfort

You are spot on.
Another reason for multiple profiles and im fairly certain that its happening alot is to abuse certain members in pms that they dont drive them off the site.

You couldnt have said it better what you just typed.

Krinka & Dee thank you kindly for your well put together thoughts here wine
I could also add another one or two myself but as I'm sure you can see this old blog was not reopened by me simply because what may of concerned me then, no longer does... nevertheless updated comments may come in useful for others .. so up your ole Sweet P some good may of come out of your bad minded ways tongue

And a goid night to you again Ms Jones giggle

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