eachday is getting sad not in my world but in the world around us, everybody wants and wants and yet gives notting back. it is said we all came from
love or for those of you we came from evilution that started from the sea, plant to mammals and so on and so after many travels i came back to
check my mails and could not understand the amount of abuse thats come from us humans or should i say animals, we are all searching for love thou love can
never be given until you find it within yourself, how can one find such love for self? do i dress well look sexy perhaps ill find love thou only for
one night and wake up abused which happend by your self as you allowed it..real love is just a label for something we connect to, as we all have love inside..
if so why cant you use that to attract a love thats see we are only here to learn of love that is inner notting to do with the outside as it
is a mere illousion a source of suffering and clinging that causes hate for others religion and race when really we are all one we are all love...
put your heart and your mind at one learn to be silent and follow not your desire but the moment that is gaving for not everything is promised only the now..
have conmpassion for eachother overcome this hate this deloued form of the ill mind and start to walk in the moment if you want love and all that comes
with it just ask and it shall be yours...thou put away the old state of mind and develop the inner self of which is real and everlasting not like the body
or the world as all things pass thou your conciousness or spirit always stays the to give and learn to love one another...

please learn to love each other forget the past who care for the future it is the moment that all can your self and love will come =...blessing from steve

ooh am moving to indonesia in 2weeks to meet my soul mate.. come on if i can do it so can you, i was on drugs for 10 years in prison nearly killed 4 people and yet am only 28 and i changed my life not my religion but by listening to my heart..thAT MUST BE SOME FOIRM OF GOD..if i can so two can you wake up my sleeping friends xx
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applausehey angel28,thats a good change of life,welcome to the new world and new life,bro..wish you all the best of luck in the future ok applause keep up the goodworkhandshake
great to hear the wonderful u-turn you made in your life your story is a great inspiration for others to read so congrats and well done angel you deserve to fly to your love may you both be spoilt and blessed with happyness heart wings but some of us are still waiting for our wings but we'll meet you there though when we get them angel
Best wishes for a wonderful future with your beloved. Good blog!!bouquet
Hi angel wave

nice to know you again. And happy for you, findly you can meet her

best wishes for you & her

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