gay weddings

where did the idea of gay weddings come from? from the church! the catholic church with the blessing of the pope sanction such unions in the early church. priest would marry young boys in the church.preist would even marry other priest! these are historical facts. some chistians may want to deny it but its the truth. while the church wants to protest the sin these day it what started it in the first place. what a bunch of two face hypocrites!
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so what ? who shags who, is there own business, wants its legal.
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rolling on the floor laughing Ben, that guy on the receiving end looks like he might not be enjoying himself as much as the other one.

I wouldn't put anything past the Catholic church. Seems pretty consistant with their MO
Your right man- Shag everyone?

You're are trying to recognize the institution of Marriage other then one women and one man.

Let's have arranged marriage based on love / Lust?
It would be insensitive to leave any of the following out:

Two Men
Three men
One old man and very young boy
Four women
One man and his Horse

All these situations there could be proof that Love was involved.
I will Only recognize one women and one man as being married.
Otherwise it's as good as double-ply toilet tissue.

If you support gay weddings

then I support

Polagomist in all their weddings.

dear mr.lasid, do u know who is really behind gay rights, pornogragraphy, feminism, etc etc .. ?
The same organization that is hidding behind the vats and the christians church.
And they approve gay marriage on purpose, for the human right sake they say. The greater good.
Now do u get it?
One thing we learn from the new testament is, we are not permitted to judge others.
For some of those people in that organization really didnt know what they are doing, just as said by jesus, they dont know what they are doing. And for those people must be treated with patience and understanding
i am not a religious but trust me you dont want to be in their shoes.
Good day.
hmmm im a little lost here kasih' whos shoes are we to trust you we do not want to be in??? confused
I see long "Historical" Argument!
Very little proof!confused
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