i love sundays

their so peaceful it's always been my favorite day of the week.grin everything seems calmer not as much traffic or people out it's a day of rest. i always like ordering a pizza on sundays and with football season getting ready to start it's even better especially if they start at noon . da bears . lol some sundays are better than others though depending on ur mood if ur feeling it. august really flew bye that's suprising usually august grinds bye. it's still not finished yet. lol september will be cooler and by october perfect cool sundays.yay sorry summer lovers.crying dancing it's exciting thinking how soon the leaves will change colors and the winds pick up dark and cold rainy perfect sunday.laugh sunny cold sundays are nice to. depends on ur personality . lol or preference . enjoy your sunday this beautiful peaceful day.peace angel
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teddybearhallo blackhawk,have a great sunday my friend teddybear cheers enjoy it for tomorrow is another daycheers teddybear
hi jeddah you to have a nice day.grin you sure that tomorrows guaranteed.laugh i want a receipt . dancing cheers teddybear peace
i hate sundays black,cause remind me that the naxt day is monday so
i dont like mondays rolling on the floor laughing handshake grin yay blues moping frustrated cheers
one day at a time my friend grin monday day monday laugh just listen to the mamas and the pappas. lol just close ur eyes alf and listen it's sunday.dancing peace cheers angel
banana cheering hey guys,we are having a drink here at the karaoke barcheers wanna use your alladins carpet to come over for a drinks to cool down?cheers cheers cheers
I like Sundays and so I am going to have another coffee so there tongue Have a good day handshake
you don't know i have a magic carpet ride little girl.tongue rolling on the floor laughing i never drink on sundays not usually .roll eyes i would jam out on that kareokee.head banger thanks for the beer im coming . get ready get ready .dancing bouquet cheers angel
bananawhere will i catch yah,,, cheering cheering
you to pixels enjoy your sunday.handshake i don't drink coffee but i love beer and tequila.drinking im coming jeddah . keep it warm for me. laugh yay teddybear peace angel cheers
confusedwarm beer confusedhey hey hey grin over here is very humid deargrini will cool them for youcheers doh peace
jeddah rolling on the floor laughing your funny girl bouquet i meant the microphone silly. doh dancing laugh cheers peace
i love sundays cause the postman is off... applause
right itchywitch no billsthumbs up cheers but if it weren't for the postman i wouldn't be here. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing angel peace
fast with the thinking hawk handshake but eh' are you a postman?confused
do you want me to be your postman.bouquet the postman only rings twice.wink laugh dancing handshake grin peace
dohpost man confused doh you can hire him itchywitch and lend him your broom for transportrolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
no itchywitch im not but you saying that are you ? have a nice sunday . UP GALWAY cheers angel peace
hmmmm blushing but i dont have a bell blackhawkflirty
that's alright im climb through the window like i usually do. laugh dancing cheers
i may not have a door bell but i do have a frunt door giggle
can i kick it in then attack you. laugh i like role playing .roll eyes i'll pay for the damages . blushing rolling on the floor laughing dancing peace
dohhey blackhawk,itchywitch doesnt a goons service to go over and destroy her front door doh confused ooohh,itchywitch,,i guess youre hiring a gangster here not a postman,looooooolpeace peace peace peace
knock knock who's their . hi i met u on CS oh hi. lips honey im home . halooooooo. dancing laugh oh blackhawk try a little tenderness gangster .mumbling roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing cheers
ahh gosh jeddah hes a bit of a rough one isnt he' what ever happend to the gentle approach hawk? and hmmmm you may very well like playing the role but is your acting good enough to keep the leading lady happy? blushing
sunday is just another day i have to work and smell pizza every hour from 4pm to 2am im off on monday
comfortmakes us thesame bro,john,,good for you youre smelling food while me i have to cool down my brain of stress, grin cheersgoodluck bro.comfort heart wings
comfort@ itchywitch,i think thats why his name is hawk grin he should make it blackhawk the hulkgrin laugh peace
hmmmm now i think im understanding that meaning' the hawk has landed.. how can one miss him when he does confused
yes itchy witch i believe it is. im very gentle and slow then speed up side to side up and down in circles we go.dancing laugh i give my leading lady the oscar everynight mornings and noon. academy awards everyday . i haven't even brought up pineapple chunks yet. that's my best performance no acting their .wink grin bouquet
confused ouch!!!pineapplechunksconfusedhow was that related of being a hawkhulk confused doh aahh welldoh peace
i hear ya john i used to deliver pizzas sunday was my day. i opened and closed made great money on sundays i loved it. get out the kitchen and starts delivering . more freedom . cheers peace
jeddah im the pineapple hulk laugh i hate pineapple on pizzas though barf i only like ice cold chunks in pineapple juice and ladies love em more.wow laugh teddybear dancing
I love Sundays as well - only you can't kiss me on a Sunday - lying liar C
Church of all places, (evening).

- a possibilitydaydream

pineapple chunks??? confused and im sure i beleive you by the sounds of it im sure you have so often been nominated best actor of the year cheering well i gotta go now and get down on those knee's of mine and not for what you might be thinking daydream but its against my religion to have such thoughts and especially on sundays snooty so its best i go and pray for forgiveness giggle enjoy your sunday hawk wave
hi apostophe it's a special day i love it to.thumbs up it's just not another day in the week to me . it's my favorite day in the week. hope u have a nice sunday.lips i would kiss u in church but im afraid it would tumble down if i walked in.doh laugh heres another kiss sunday girl. bouquet angel cheers peace
yes itchy witch been not only nominated i won the squints don't lie. wow well she won rolling on the floor laughing im a terrible catholic talking like this plus i haven't been to sunday service in over 20 years. enjoy ur mass and sunday .thumbs up im going to go kill myself now i fell terrible .crying sad flower
bananaoooooooopppppssssssss mumbling doh what killconfused doh need a drink hulk?come i get a cold drink for you,,noo killingconfuseddont waste a happy life just because you never go to church,damn you and your killing brain grin doh cheers cheers
hey u ok im better now dancing really i think i drank alcohol on a sunday last time a long time ago. laugh no jokes i like to eat good on sundays and relax.grin even thanksgiving and christmas i never drink. just eat good. i love food my next blog look for it roll eyes laugh it's only 8am here im tired already . i love sunday to much to take a nap. god am i getting older or something .doh laugh teddybear angel cheers bouquet
who needs a church to go to when you have your own little chapel built within yourself well thats my excuse cause i dont go either.... cheerio then again enjoy your lazy sunday im off now to enjoy mine yay
i know what u mean itchy my relationship with god and jesus is personal i believe and nobody can take that away from me. my church is in my heart. have a peaceful sunday .angel
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