Hey everybody. If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you better read this very carefully!

This post is regarding the MTA's plans for 2011. This is what will happen in January 2011:

Bonus raised to $10 minimum and lowered to 7% which means 70 cents for $10 fill ups.
Unlimiteds will be capped and could be $130 for a monthly ticket. OR $99 for 90 rides, making us have a 3 trip a day cap like we are school children, but big difference. WE ARE PAYING $99 FOR THIS CRAP.
$1 Green fee for these crappy Metrocards that cannot keep for more than 1 month without breaking.
Higher tolls (for those of you who drive) and railroad fares (for those of you who take Metro North or LIRR).
And the regular base fare will go up from $2.25 to $2.50

In other words, we will LITERALLY pay MORE, but get LESS!!!

What can we do?

We got many options:
1. Spread the word for a boycott. Encourage everyone you know to bike, walk, scooter, pogo stick, ride a horse, drive, or carpool to work/school and do anything in their power to avoid or severely limit their usage of the MTA until those fat cats realize they cannot increase fares and make service crappier.
2. I will practice what I preach and ride my scooter EVERYWHERE I GO daily.
3. Beat the MTA at their own wasteful games. What I mean is
pick up all the non time expired cards you can off the floor and
separate those with money and combine them at the booth, thus adding up to a free or cheap ride
4. Any empty card hand out for free to anyone refilling a card.
5. RISKY AS HELL, but buy 7 daily cards and sell rides to people at throwback prices $1.50 each
6. No booths, cheap MTA? Take full advantage and hop those turnstiles. Go in groups, and dont do it near a cop. BEWARE, SOME ARE UNDER COVER COPS!!!!!
7. 1/2 fare bus fare in coins.
8. Give free rides by opening the emergency exits, the siren can be drowned out over a train engine.

Listen to me people. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to stand up and fight these fare hikes. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE MONEY GREEDY TOP EXECUTIVES!!!! IT IS NOT FAIR THAT A GUY, WHO MAKES 450 GRAND, AND DRIVES, IS MAKING IT HARDER FOR US COMMUTERS!
Let me know what you think
very mad very mad very mad
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thank God i don't have to worry about any of it, ah jases, isent life tough all the same.
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I'll be thinking of you New Yorkers.....

Next time I ride me horse into town.cheers
@Billy: rolling on the floor laughing The horse and pogo stick was a joke lol
So are the parking spots in my town.

No hitching rails!very mad
I live in NJ, but only visit NYC about 2 times per year. tongue
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