trying to catch ur attention...

i was trying to catch ur attention but i think i didnt..and that's what i like u r so aloof..heheh..hmp stop stop stop girl..c'mon cheer up..dont forget that u are a girl..who is he for u to waste of ur time thingking of'd never see him yet personally..sometimes feeling is so deceiving..divert it..dont let him occupied ur mind...ok ok enough..i'll try ..grin grin grin
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hey cheslie, is it someone from C.S. would we recognize him if we seen him?
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@ben hehhe...yes he is..i talked to him before but we lost our communication..dont want to assume or wait him in vain....hehhehe..thanks..thanks ben..grin heart wings:

guys every where to at least have some fun with!!wink
Maybe even find some one , one day....You never know!

at least you can make a fine simile collection care of ben?
rolling on the floor laughing ....I save them!!

have fun!
rolling on the floor laughing laugh i agree with u jack..handshake hug
good luck with that my friend
question my friend why do you look so sad in that pictureteddybear
yeah, quit thinkin about your virtual buddy .... that's kids stuff....
Look at the faces in the blog line up and tell me which one looks happy?...
grin <---THIS ONE!
rolling on the floor laughing just a pic.heheheh though sometimes i am,,grin
@10k..hello angel
@jak..hahha yes u are...rolling on the floor laughing
sad is something someone as pretty as you shouldent be
@john..why it shouldnt be?? its a liitle bit enjoying to have a drama in life but not always..yay
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@jack.. banana grin grin it's cold here..yay
very good point my friend enough room for dramacheers
@john yeah..cheering banana grin cheers
It sounds like you really like him comfort heart wings
i like him but not yet love..gringrin
juz 4 u......scold confused cheers
better to enjoy it than put it all in ur mind or else u will
break ur headfrustrated peace
@shell..hhehhe thanksthanks.. teddybear heart wings heart wings bouquet

@ohn..handshake hug
umm .... did u ever meet him?

wasn't he a wirtual buddy??

how can u like someone u donno? ..... I believe that what u wanna say is that u think that u like him ...

ain't i correct?

@10k..didnt met him..grin coz im here along the mountain from the dessert one can reach me except if they will pursue to go here..but no need coz im leaving soon here...cheers
you'll meet your prince somedayteddybear
@john i hope so..thanks..its better to wait that rushing myself and will fall down to wrong one..hehhegrin
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