I love any kind of gems and believe they are giving us some natural healing,and mostly incredible Energies.
Do you like gem and believe their power?

My favorite stone is Garnet.
just choosed this stone by my inspiration. heart beating

I am not rich.very happy (^-^) very happy but,I l loving to collect them and wear all the time,
I also loving to making my original bracelet,necklace as well.

The gem is known as a mysterious stones,and brings happiness to people around the world since ancient times,and people were also believed such a mystery,beautiful stones gift from God.

Ancient astrologers divided the zodiac into twelve equal parts, naming each after a constellation in that area of the sky. angel

Now,we have so many books,dictionary and showing their meaning,power,including Birth stones.
About Diamond is known mavelous symbols of lasting love around the world.
gift dance gift

I like to read that kind of books.
Each books has difference stone information sometimes,maybe from country.
My one of the book say about Garnet is
Birthstone: January
Zodiac: Aquarius
Planet: Mars
Energies: Luck, Money, Love, Healing
Chakra: First Chakra - Base of spine

Garnet Gemstone meaning
The Garnet is a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion. The information released in a search may be painful, but it will always be what the searcher needs. The Garnet will help everyone's security level and spiritual awareness.It can help increase the sex drive.
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wavehallo pinkcoral,,nice to hear this,,iam a collector too,but remember dear,we dont have to be rich to have all this you know hug i love gemstones too,i have a lot of collections,,i buy them and design them for my own accesories,,i dont like diamond,,all kinds of gemstone i like except diamond,,i dont know why,,my favorite is jade,coralstone,bluesaphire,ruby,garnets,amethyst and the rest i have here are those rare stone i got from my travellings...i believe on their healings too...very funny ha,,we like stones,loool..but good to know that theres someone there like me who believed in all this,,,good luck to you sweety,,,keep collecting,.. bouquet handshake
Gaanetto lol Ohayo pinkcoral san wave
Thank you Jeddah12. wine

I think gems are precious and fun to combine with daily clothes.

I also have jade and buy other gems when I go on trip as well.
Always soooo exciting to see them at the shops.
I can say that is one of the way to enjoy the trip.

About Jade has many various beautiful color like White,Green, Orange,Yellow,Purple and probably more?!
You are so lucky to get them from people who travelling.
(Is that what you meaning of your comment?)
I think people loving,respect you therefore they gives you such a precious things.

Hawaiian Jewery were attracted me when I was lived in Hawaii anyway.
That was awesome too.

PS: I'm making a necklace with WhiteOnyx, Howlite, and MotherParl now,drinking strong a cup of coffee and eating chocolate to forcus on to do it everytime though.

I can't wait to be complete finished.yay
Pixels1 san,
What kind of gems do you like?
Donna Houseki ga sukidesuka?
my favorite are diamonds a girls best friend .grin and a guys best friend cuz the pawn shop gives you lots of money for em.rolling on the floor laughing doh dancing laugh cheers peace
Gee.. I didn't expect about pawn.. applause
You're absolutely right. wine

Is gold higher now ya?
gold is high they gave me a grand for 25 grams. yay laugh but diamonds are always king .cool laugh wave peace
Is that right?
I gotta stop to making a necklece to take a nap and go to pawn.
Oh,I also need to looking for diamond rightway before that.
Hurry up! jut kid. peace

cheers yay handshake
goodnight sweetdreams. you can't miss those diamonds their cool bright . blinding .laugh good luck with ur plans. champagne wishes and caviar dreams .wine go you cheering laugh cheers bouquet comfort grin
Blackhawk u legend

yay yay yay
you know it buddy.roll eyes dancing laugh
blackhawk, you getting a swelled head, or are you just a diamond in the rough, be a good boy or ill download you.
Embedded image from another site
hey ben you two knuckle heads together rite now.rolling on the floor laughing download becks he's your irish legand possible diamond in ur ruff you old wolf. wave rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay dancing laugh down boy down boy good boy benji.laugh grin
blackhawk, have you been on the moonshine again, be honest.
Embedded image from another site
Who me?
Yes,sometimes! innocent
Sorry...that question is not for me,for Mr.PAWN.
laugh i wish moonshine is good.drinking laugh you shooting up again ben irish whisky .scold doh laugh dancing
be honest. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort laugh
do we have a good time here??/pink dear how did u manage to gather all these drunk iish on ur yard???dont u have a dog to let it lose on them??rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers bouquet
you gonna set them dogs loose on me girl.
Embedded image from another site
rolling on the floor laughing collecting them here alf,,thats one of the power of pinkcoral's gemstone,right pink?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Alf.

Realy happy,enjoying to reading people thread on my blog even diffrent topic.
I know they are just teasing or joking by themself for fun.
This site is good to making communication with people all over the world.

I have a big shepherd anyway.kid grin

I wanna say thank you to all. wine wave wine
who is gonna be chairman? yay
Thank you againe jeddah12! hug

I hope so.
well,I gotta say Yes all my stone's power are working so hard to collecting them without side effect.
Good ya?!
rolling on the floor laughing
Ohayo pnkcoral san. Shinpai shinaide etchi des laugh Emerald suki des. wave
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