"His Needs, Her Needs" ~ Willard Harley Jr.

Found this interesting. This was tonights topic at a coffee house that I attend on a regular basis. (Christian Fellowship)

His Top 5

1. s*xual Fulfillment
2. Recreational Companionship
3. An Attractive Spouse
4. Domestic Support
5. Admiration

Her Top 5

1. Affection
2. Conversation
3. Honesty (or) Openness
4. Financial Support
5. Family Commitment.

I found it very interesting, because all the women's top 5 I truely fall into all those needs that I want in a man.

What's your take on this guy's Top 5 of needs?
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Yeeeep, s*xual fulfilment is important not at number one.
Attractiveness chemistry affection...Is number one with s*xual

Don't make a mistake that sex is last...because that relationship wont last...

If a man can not satisfy a woman...she will eventually pack her bags...
If a woman can not satisfy a man...he has already gone...

If there is no passion and lust...then all the items you haw mentioned are gone out the window...I know such is life...
grin cheers hug hug hug
gotta agree with [email protected] above, which is very worrying in itself, you can have all the romance you want, but if it don't rock in the bedroom, there gone, and that's the hard fact, in today's world at least.
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For me, I'd drop admiration and sub take care of the kids most of the time. Kids are great, I love kids, but can't take them for long stretches at a time. I need time off kids more than time on kids. I would expect my female to fill in the gaps when I absolutely can't handle kiddie-time any longer.

By recreational companionship I mean providing each other with intellectual and emotional challenges, not swimming or drugging.

For her top 5? I don't know, to be honest, I've never been a woman. But I dated one for 20++ years whose top 1 was s*xual satisfaction. She needed no financial support, nor family commitment. Not from me, to say the least.

My biggest insight into the female psyche is that women don't need an o*gasm at all in most of their times in bed with their loved ones, but they do need it at least from time to time. This is the reason for women to fake o*gasm: they don't care, but they know the guy cares and wants them to. They are not lying while faking, instead, they are trying to please -- and the women's own penned-up need for pleasure is taken care of in other ways. To a woman intercourse is more times than not an impossible chance to experience and o*gasm, yet women want intercourse with about the same strength of wishing factor as men. So for women, in my opinion, intercourse is more of a togetherness-thing, a thing of symbolic value to present commitment and companionship and specialness for each other, than a source of pleasure.
"I found it very interesting, because all the women's top 5 I truely fall
into all those needs that I want in a man."

And a man's needs are what he wants to see in a woman.

That's the point I suppose Angel. Not recognising your own needs.... but those of the the other.cheers

Guess I never realized what I sayed:

"I found it very interesting, because all the women's top 5 I truely fall into all those needs that I want in a man."

I was kind of tired when I wrote this blog, but perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind I want the man to have the same things I'm in need of.

As far as the others ahead of billy, Like Ben and Tarrap I must say that I figured Men's Number 1 answer would relate to SEX. But I must confess to any man who is thinking about having a relationship with me will just have to wait in that department, because I am a firm believer in NO SEX before marriage. It's just my personal moral belief and the man who does finally take my hand and meet me at the altar will not be disappointed.
It's a known fact that thae most important thing to a man his is job.
The most important thing to a women is her family.
The man is the breadwinner and has to be acknowleged for that. Sex crosses a man's mind about 65 times a day, a sign usually if he is touching his belt buckle.
It's also important that a women realizes this and understandes his need to be supportive and his s*xual needs. If a women can undestand that, he will most likely want to reciprocate and appreciate her more. It's not about lists. It's about understanding each other in all areas and each others likes and dislikes, habits, good and not so good and to respect each other's. Hollywave conversing blushing wave
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