"Lover's first Kiss"

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"Lover's first Kiss"
Author: Ladyjj

A sigh..so soft, as silken breeze touches her ear..
Sends shivers of building heat, she releases her fears
He senses..

With fingers entwined in her golden locks..
Her hair..heady warmth of Amber & Roses..
He encloses..

Gently draws her mouth forever slowly closer..
Barely touches but senses locked forever.
He wants..

Gaze is held..deep into their souls...
Dark eyes widen and dilate pleasure untold..
He lingers..

Soft and pliant quivering full red lips,
Her breath held in expectant wonder..
He breaths..

Gently runs his tongue along her succulent pout..
A light caress as he takes the sweetness of her mouth,
He tastes..

She surrenders herself..with parted lips..
She gives to his own firm pliant mouth
He takes..

Fire engulfs the furnace of suspense..
He loses himself in her dewy taste ..hearts pound
He gives..

Forever locked within their first deep kiss..
They begin..the slow undulating passion dance
He loves..

Sheer hot passionate moves..he feels her heat
With tender care he will take her gently there..
He promises..

Until they are complete forever as one...
Her gift of love never to doubt..she feeds.
He receives..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To all you lover's to be out there..
Enjoy ;-)bouquet
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Comments (11)

nice ladyjj, a lovers kiss, the rocket fuel of love, a good kisser never runs out of gas.
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Thank you for sharing. That is really beautifully written!
what a lovely poem and what a lovely poet
sad flower
applauselady jj..that was a nice poem,makes me think how does it taste????thanks for sharing dear,,very nice applause
Soft,beautiful,passionate poem.Thank you for this lovely write.bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
@ Ben...
Glad you liked Ben.grin
As long as the gas isn't to overpowering! rolling on the floor laughing
Thank you for your comment blushing

@ Stepiladi..
Hi..wave thanks so much for stopping by to make a comment, happy that you liked my poem.
Health & happiness your way bouquet

@ Mickdandy..
Thank you for the compliment on my poem, and thanks for popping by.. thumbs up

Ljj cool angel
Hi Jeddah..wave
Thanks for your comment..as for taste!
I seem to recall very nice, as long as no garlic was eaten!laugh glad you enjoyed my poem..bouquet

@ Paloma..
So lovely of you to pop by and comment dear Paloma bouquet
Thank you so much for your comment..
I am a great believer that a true lover's kiss should be nothing less than soft, beautiful & passionate...

Ljj dancing angel
nice i seem to have found a stick in my pocket,,
rolling on the floor laughing Hi JD..hug
Thanks for popping in.
They sell sticks of rock in Yarmouth...didn't know you could get them in portugal to dunno laugh

Ljj devil wine
realy nice and amazing Poem, i feel i kiss my love, thanks for posting such a nice poem, hope to read more from ucheers
Thankyou Orhan for your lovely comment..wine
glad you loved my poem..
I do post poem's regularly on here in the Poets Corner..you are welcome to check them out.
Maybe you could post a poem to?

Thanks and blessings.
Ljj..cool angel
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