There comes a time in your life, when you have to go with the tide, and the ebb tide is calling me, to sail with it,

i have enjoyed my time here on C.S. made good friends, no real enemies, which isent a bad result, its a great place for some fun, the blogs are great, most of the time, i liked the poetry, as well, but mostly, the cut and trust of the banter, here on the blogs,

why am i leaving, ive been very hurt, i wont go into details,,,,, for a while, id hoped someone really special, might share the rest of there life with me, i know now thats not going to happen, upwards and onwards wont work for this, when i fall, i fall hard, this time i fell the hardest, and boy it hurts,,,,,,,,

thanks for the laughs, the long nights, the jokes, and the friendship, but i need space to cry now, and i know im going to cry for a long time, because this was beyond special. ben x
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Oh Ben, I'm really so sorry to hear that, you will be sadly missed.. I always look out for you on the blogs!!

Well you will obviously need a lot of time to get over this... one day, please come back to us,, I'm sure I won't be the only one to miss you!!

Take care.
I'll be thinking of you!
remember when you called me a b*tch well good f*ckin ridence
comfort oh how sad...hope ull find ur comfort land..will going to miss u really..teddybear teddybear teddybear just allow god to write ur own love story,,and ull be amazed..really..angel sad flower
crying crying now now it really makes me cry,,,why all my good mentors are leaving the placecrying crying crying crying
Two great bloggers are leaving one after another in a such short notice-PITY !!!
Alfie fell in love at least.
Ben,did you get a mail from your ex-mother-in-law on CS and you got scared ?!?!
Just joking men
Wishing you all the very best in your bright future

cheers cheers cheers
hey john remember what bambi's mother said??? if ya cant say anything nice then dont bother say nothing atall scold ben im going to give out to you too because tut-tut but if thats your reasons for going well then im sorry its not good enough scold .. if this place is what you say it is, that you have found some good friends here then maybe this is where you should be' forget the hurt and enjoy the joy you find here and especially if your amoung friends' is it not better then been alone??? ... you said someone hurt you well the way i see it is your hurting yourself too besides no one can hurt unless you let them.... just a thought to think of for awhile... bouquet
Come on now....
Why so disappointed..???
Don't be....

You sound like an 100 years old man...
From what I've have seen and understood, you are a very nice guy, with sense of humor.
Don't let yourself , be hurted by anyone.

So cheer up.
Life is going on...

cheers cheers cheers cheers
We have many many years in front of us to go....
cheers cheers cheers cheers
Hi Ben !

Well man...whatta fook. You just follow your heart and keep up with your decision. Whatever you do..just make sure you'll be alright. We are going to be always here...waiting for you to return. That's what a family is doing. Is waiting for beloved once to finish their journey, whatever that journey might be...or mean !

Good luck man ! We love ya !
Beloved Ben, I am going to miss you! Who will I play Mistress and Slave with now?!!crying crying I am sorry you are in such pain. I had no idea it ran that deep. Please know I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love!

PS. Your jiggly boob emoticons will be sorely misseddoh
By the way...

Itchywitch has a point : "no one can hurt unless you let them...."
I always thought that we're the ones responsable for what is happening to us...many times. Too many i would say !

Again..Good luck man !
Respect !
Come on Ben,cheer up man-it might never happen again,just look at the fans you've created here (Venus)
Sorry to see you go Ben.

Take care and you know that C.S is just a click away...

Some time in your life you will come across a man that is a man's man...
You are the tape of a man that would stand out amongst us all...

But the broken heart can hit us all,no mater how tall you are...

There for I'm sad to see you go,but I understand the reason why.

Just remember one thing Ben,the second party has no right what so ever...to bring down a man that's liked by so many...cheers

If any one can make sense of ones sorrow...you can my friend...

So my the light of wisdom show you a correct path...cheers

Good luck...cheers
Dear Ben,

I came here in CS world bloggs for another reason, but I've found, like I said before, a bunch of interesting people. Even we didn't change a line, I have to admit that I admire you flatly! Yes, most of my time I'm a viewer and not a player and I saw you are unequalled, that means you don't need ten lines to communicate, is enough one to make a sence!!! May be the preaching or another reason made you to wind up! I don't know how many days I'll be here...watching, but I know sure I'll miss you, also your emoticon buddies! Please, stay safe!!!


Hi Ben,
I'm very new here, infact just found this page today. I ran across our blog, and after reading some of the comments I felt like saying hello.
Sorry that something was said to you, for you to feel it is time to leave. But none of us never know what or who we can run into when it comes to online communication.

At first I thought you were sailing off from Ireland. My late husband was Irish back ground, and had always wanted to visit your country. So hopefully one of these days I'll get to do so.

Wish you the best.
ben...Buddy , Pal.....

I dont think so ben....Whats this about crying?...You sound like me,...

cheer up ben....You have everything compared to me!!...
Ben, without you this site will be a joke...mostly a stolen one that is.

We are all here to make sure you stay happy. Please do not make us sad. teddybear
Oh......Sorry to hear that........
Don't go.....
You gotta stay here,smile for us Ben.
makis822 said You sound like an 100 years old man...
You sound like an 1000 years old man to me!
well,I would like to say please come back when you feel like to,
take care. bouquet tip hat
Well Ben me mate. Just reading between the lines lately got me thinking that all was not well with ya. So whatever it is, it sounds like it's cut fairly deep with you.

Anyways, I wouldn't do something rash just yet. Hide your profile and take a break; things tend to change very quick around here.... including emotions.

As others have said, you will be missed. What makes it even worse is the fact we are still stuck with certain people with absolutely nothing to offer here.... such as the parasite who commented here earlier.

But whatever you do, good luck, and I wish you well.cheers
here and there..
your comments and not only
Do Matter,but if you think
is the right choice..to leave...
remains only to say
Good Luck to You.handshake
Don't go..please...blues

I love poetry too...sad flower
I'm in fb btw...'f no mind....hug
This is bull
Embedded image from another site
Ben, I'm begging you, take a breather and come back! I know I'm being selfish - you're such a special person that you're most likely wasting your time with the CS crew. blues Nobody left to look up to anymore - your sincere admirer, S. sad flower
Thanks for the private emails, feel honored to have received them and still rereading them in owe for your way with words.
You're so special!
Ben, you have done a good job on here. Your words of wisdom and unique funny emoticons have added this place more heartbeats.

Take a good rest and you will be fine. You are always warmly welcome back by the bunch of the great friends you have made on here. All the best! hug

it 's been a pleasure to know you and I think the all Cs community will miss your smart and wise comments.
Hope to see you around again sooner or laterwink handshake
"Time heals all wounds".

After you feel sufficiently healed,
join back in with the fun and never take
internet people too seriously.
There's ALL types out there
and some can't even type. laugh

Happy Trails to you. peace
hey ben ... cmon mate ... life is full of this bullshit! u oughta know it betta than me ....

Get well soon brother! Which u life's best!
Well ben, so long my friend and remember:

"If everything is under control, you are going too slow."
- Mario Andretti (1940-)

hey ben
i know u can read this ,even u r away.its me the "brave"alfi ,who left everything behind for his love???
i am here alone again friend ,cause i was "brave" but my match was a "chicken shit".
i keep going ben ,nothing change .i'll fight alone and i'll win or lose for my self,but u buddy ????
u r a liar.
u left cs for ur reasons ,which had nothing to do with ur bad edned love story.
u were ready to leave some time now.
some of us had "seen" that.
but its ok.do as u please ,just if u feel so ,come back for some chatting.
i'll miss u mad irish
cheers wave yay
Well Ben. I've just been running me eye down the blogs and comments on the first couple of pages and...

I can say that I've never seen so much garbage in my entire life.

So if you happen to be reading this....

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