no more blogs

i understand if people hate me i shouldn't exist right im an imbecile i no nothing thank you guys for letting me post what blogs i did post i know it will make you happy if i just don't post anymore im young maby even a little stupid of things im just trying to learn what i don't know im not trying to get attention im just trying to understand im not mad at the words you call me maby these blog would be more better without me ill still be around posting poems thanx guys for showing me what you really want from me and that's no more blogs
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John, please by all means keep blogging. It is your right to express how you feel, and if nobody likes you for whatever reason, then just ignore them.

I used to take things personally, but when I did I only hurt myself. Sometimes it all just turned out to be a misunderstanding or sometimes they meant what they said, but I think if people don't like you for what you say, then they just may be missing out on a good thing.

Just write what comes from your heart okay.

heres a hug

hope that cheered you up a little. angel
read my last poem friend that's from the heart
hee ... doh
dunno about all the others.. you would make me happy giving up being such a drama queen and at the same time I'm I got to accept and like you just for that hug
I've read the comment from Drea111 to you and I completely resonate with her. I'm not sharing this to hurt you. Sometimes we need others to make us conscious about ourselves and shutting down at best will make you missing out the opportunity to learn a big deal about yourself.
In the end we're all here to evolve and nobody is perfect hug
John man,
just look at Angelina's pic and comment,i wish she had a twin sister and commented like that to my blog

doh cheers
If what you are doing may be causing some people to "hate" you(thats a strong word to use) to dislike what you are saying than just maybe you are hitting a nerve with truth with them but dont ever allow other people to dictate to who you should be
be yourself and if they dont like it

so whatyay
Buddy ..

when your in the mood you truly state some deep shit my friend!!

in this case just shit.....
What is it u need my friend....
Kick in the a**?

This a lame joke blog right?....

delete it and than come back with a new one saying.....

Im john...Im the man!!

Enough said!!
If you know this place wont help you, just get out relax in real life John. Just get out and take time for awhile.sad flower

Jack, you always make sounds great, but i still cant see any great from you. bouquet blushing tongue Take care Jack!!
dont let other peoples thoughts get you down. Blogs are for anyone and if people dont like what you write then they dont have read them or come back for more.

keep expressing yourself cause we dont get to know you if you dont

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