Always a friend never a girlfriend

So the emails I get on here seem to be from men in other countries who have a horrible grasp on grammar and most of them probably have no idea they are soliciting sex rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
But what I find hilarious is they don`t bother to read my profile where it says must be intelligent. And there are those who want women in their backyard...umh hello, I am not in India, Spain, or Udapimp Idaho rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I know what I want in life, I know what I want in my life partner. Why can`t men see that in me? And when I tell them I can`t understand what they`re saying, they get all love sick.

Why can`t I meet a guy who`s not fulla shit, is smart, eloquent, roughly around my age, hung well devil , healthy, and so adorable that I can`t leave his a** alone? Is it that hard??? Erm, ok that could be taken wrong rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I have a dirty mind today...which is like all other days. Anyways...
It seems I`m the teacher and never the one who a guy wants to ask out, or cares to know, or feels the need to help heel the wounds that are inside me. I truly want to feel good about my life but it`s so hard because there aren`t any jobs here and I get older every day and each day slips by when I could be in the arms of a man who can tell me he loves me, and mean every letter of it.

I want to fall head over heels in love, I want to laugh just because I feel soooo happy. I want to have butterflies in my stomach and feel like I have wings. But all I can feel is utterly alone.

What`s wrong with me?
Why don`t men like me?
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listen, could u women just make it simple and give us what we ask for?

Afterall, it doesn't cost u a cent for freaks sake ....

nothing wrong with you
but you need to get out more
dating sites are not for long-lasting true love , that is what you want
I guess some people get lucky but don't try to hard. Good luck!
Nothing wrong with you, one thing I quite not get is what is it with that phrase "so adorable I can leave his a** alone" sound like a perversion or something, scary, no extra hardware I hoperolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughing

Just be patient and the ones that not meet your standards just dish them.
10k instead of insulting me, which isn`t helping at all, grow a pair.

I`m definately not attracted to man who acts like he a has a stick up his butt.

And panther I didn`t say why don`t CS men like, I said why don`t men like me. Which means, men in general not just CS.

It seems because I don`t put out on the 1st day, or because I`m not blonde, blue eyed, rail thin, and have big breasts, I`m just another person that men can`t or won`t see.
hm....cougar even...guess I got my cats crossed rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ok, I'll give you my truth.. I've been reading every single blog of yours and I sincerely find you an amazing person. I admire your way with words and you being so straight out, simple, and real. I feel you've more interests and talents then the majority on here. I've just read your profile cos I was really curious about your age.. forgot to check what was stated cos got sucked in by your profile text and left even more amazed by you. I'll be thinking of you - innocently - from now on when lying in my four poster bed and listening to Melissa Etherdige..
I've to check my a** - Thanks for the reminder - it has been a while!
Dear soquiliquay,

Is nothing wrong with you. Is just that you didn't found a correspondent yet. Some things aren't coming when we want to...but just when a specific conjuncture occures. For all things there's a right time. That brings also the right person. Stay the special person you are, a special person will notice you one fine day. Could be tomorow ! Have faith hun !

Flo hug bouquet
ok, fully grown and matured by now ... wanna see 'em? (please say that u want to)

Please let me know which part of my post was insulting ... definately not meant to be so ...


I getalot of responses from guys too old for me or from the Middle east as well. You forget that courtships and any kind of "flirting" is different in other countries. It's not a simple hello like it is in America. When you flirt in means you want sex right off the bat. One girl I knew flirted with a guy in France..simple flirting and he ended up following her to her hotel...wihtout her inviting him. Most people are going to go off on how you look and that's it. I NEVER reply back to them if they can't at least write English properly bc all that garble speak is rediculous. I live in America and if you can't take the time or the effort to see my preferances on my profile, than it's obvious you're just wanting to hook up or have a "mail order" wife.

Screen them ..and the ones you like need to have hints from you that you want MORE than friendship. I looked at your profile and those long paragraphs make ME want to just skip your profile..a little mystery never hurt anybody..
oh .. flirting in europe is lower grade than the 'american flirting'?

Pretty awkward claim ....
@ Ladydreamer87 "When you flirt in means you want sex right off the bat. "

Really??? I didn't know this...

Wow that's a tough name to spell, but pretty. You say you are losing weight, that's great, but just don't try too hard to find someone. You'll have more confidence and that will show and men will notice. They like the chase. It's always better to get dressed up[ right, dressed up] and walk in a place for a job, you might get hired on the spot or just handed an application,send the application in right away. Try the same place about a few days later, it could be a phone call,then. I own my a business and am always impressed by the ones who call back to see if I have made my decision. As for men,it really gets to me,too with the ones who can't spell or write a simple sentence. Keep trying and maybe make your profile shorter and less about yourself. Men really won't bother to read all that. Always keep them guessing and wondering if you are interested in them. Im just a Mom trying to give you some advice. Hope I haven't offended you in any way and Good Luck. You have a lot to offer,seriously. One of my friends met her husband on line and one of my employees married a chef at cooking school, so now they work together in a resort Hotel in Palm Srings. who would have thought? She was/is really heavy and knew no one would ever want her. You just never know. Just when you quit looking.... Hollywave staycool
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