Whats in a LOVE SONG?

I've been contemplating love, and the music that accompanies it. No, I'm not yet in LOVE, but when I was I listened to LOVE SONGS on the "KOST"..... Every song I seemed to hear related to how I was feeling.

My all time favorite song? Now this I believe was an 80's song, and I can relate: "Cupid" Cupid, draw back your bow, and let your arrow flow, straight to my lover's heart for me; nobody but me. (Now that guy was jealous, and only wanted love for himself, now thats selfish) no wonder I can never find a guy, he's hidden cupid and kept him all to himself. rolling on the floor laughing

Another good song is "Faithfully" by Journey. We all want someone who will be ours faithfully. I would rather have a faithful husband then a cheating one anyday. Life may have cheaters, but in the end they never prosper.

But perhaps in reality; "Girls Just want to have fun" Cindi Lauper can attest to that. And they are always ready to say they are "Going to the Chapel of Love" for the GIRLS all want to get married, it's a childhood dream.

But alas "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" (The theme song to "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts.)

So get out on the dance floor and "Bust the move" and "Walk like and Egyptian" or get some excercise and "Walk the Dinosaur."

"This Kiss" and "Butterfly Kisses" send your mind into a tailspin. While your "Looking for love in all the wrong places"

I can name numerous more song titles that can possibly relate to my life, but I'd be up 1/2 the night if I did that. So perhaps a part II? We'll see how I feel. Blogs are all about your feeling in the moment. I'm sure your not one to just pound out a blog all about nothing. (Unless your like Jerry Seinfeld.)

hug's and kiss's to all and to all a goodnight.
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Nice pondering cool
Red Vitamin,

Thanks. I try. I love pondering things. I'm a ponderer as well as a wanderer. laugh
I'm glad ya didn't include Achy Breaky Heart here Angel....

I once was in a relationship with a lady who was one of the few Billy Ray Cyrus fans in the world.

The continuous playing of that song was probably the reason we broke up!laugh

Achy brakey heart is popular for line dancers.

I just don't think you'd understand, so don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart I just might go and kill this man. or is it I might just go up and blow this land>? You heard it enough to probably know the lyrics by heart.
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