there is a thief among us!

There is a thief named jason chamberlin using my pic on his profile. There's only one Rayxoxo
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So why make a blog? Why are you telling us? Isn't there someone else you should inform? Who in their right mind would want to use your pic? Why would they want to do that? What's to be gained from it? What were they thinking? What are you thinking? Can you think? What the bloody hell I'm I thinking?

roll eyes

I think this place is getting to meuh oh
You know him? If you do, then report anything you don't think is fair.
Really?! moping
Scammer is got to get a photo from somewhere...grin

He must haw seen some beauty in you...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
as long as i stay here the cs turns to evil ,day by day.
dont know what to say .billy u r right . something smells really bad .devil confused frustrated
That's horrible.
It's what scammers do.
That's why my pictures have my ID
right in the middle of the photo.
IMO all people should do that as a precaution.
please inform!typing
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