Its kinda boring here, thrill me! Convince me that dating sites aren't a waste of my time!
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I'm just here for the blogging.

Convince me that it ain't a waste of time.....

because with the crap lately I'm beginning to think it is.uh oh
Don't be bored, or it will be a waste of time! . . . How are you Billy cool
This place is forcing me todrinking drinking drinking grin
Come over in Greece,you will never get bored.laugh rolling on the floor laughing
I'm well RV.... and you?

We don't get bored, do we?grin
yes it is boring. We don't have time to convince you so please don't waste mutual time and vanish ASAP
very nice advise max.bravoapplause applause applause applause applause frustrated doh comfort cheers
Max. Haven't seen ya for a while.

All's well I
oh come on it's only a woman's way to draw a bit of attention ....

yet entertaining services are expensive nowadays how much do you

wanna spend bored lady ?

laugh laugh tongue
confused Errr Mick....

The blogger is a bloke....uh oh
Hi Alf and Bill. Thanks! yes I was aways fasting the whole month being a good boy grin
uhh thx Billy,

in this case entertaining is free mate

laugh laugh
its ok mick
the foto confused u ,i i right??confused comfort handshake cheers
yeah alfi, actually thought was nt even too bad too

laugh laugh

jaw drop
Well Mick...

I bet that thrilled the blogger! It wasn't a waste of time after all!!rolling on the floor laughing
thats right Billy,

but I would not do it twice,

someone might like it

yay laugh laugh grin
Really? All dudes...and whoever thought I'm a chick is an idiot...
im just here to make friends read forums well the funny 1s at least 1 liner r great,mayb it mite have something to do wit ur time zone people r working r sleeping dunno
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