Basic human decency

We know we are on the "right" side, when, despite what view we take on any war conflict, we ache for those suffering as a result, and take a stand and action to relieve that suffering. Human value is not based on behaviour, it is based on the fact that a person is human, period.
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I think like human being we get the brain plus knowledge to decide on what we do, from there other's classfies our did and come's out with the word behaviour. Human being dominates all, is to be blamed of alot of the disaster's execept natural calamities
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With all do respect, human values are based on attitude, therefore on behaviour generated by it! No period !

I'll be damned ! Everywhere i go in the last 30 minutes i'm being followed by beer, popcorns and violins ! laugh

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dabomb, I am not talking about values humans hold that affect their behaviour, I am talking about the value of a human being.
The value of a human being...???not much at all... out you are surrounded by violins and popcorn...rolling on the floor laughing
if we are so concerned about basic human decency we would post blogs and raise hell before a war takes place and human caualties start to stack up. We know what a war will cause, but its always country first and humans after. We route for wars in defence and then worry about the amount of lives paying the cost for it. I would say the right side would be standing against a war before it starts rather than to stand by the persons side fighting it. sorry
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