A Dream !!!

I have been writing poems , singing songs & cryin' the tears of losing him ..can't think or even beleive that he's that far !
Can't look into his eyes anymore and Can't just speak to him like before ..
Tonight .. I saw My Beloved Father in a Dream !!
I just wanna know what it means !

I saw him settin' in the livin' room where he used to set before ..he is watchin' the TV ..I came to him happy .. i did hold him then he smiled , he didn't speak .. he just gave me a box ..in that box i found a shiny dimond ring !! was so so so beautiful !! I did wear that ring .. i asked him : where have you been dad ? he didn't answer ..and he only looked up ..
then i woke up !

I just miss him..i miss him so much .. he left while i was still young .. i didn't have enough of him ..

still wondering what that dream meant ! and still prayin' for dad to live in peace forever !

God Bless u All of u and All of the Dads in the world

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that was nice your dream means ur dad is looking out for you watching over you. i've only had three dreams about my dad since he passed 30 yrs ago . i'd say enjoy them ur lucky having them. angel i love good dreams . god bless U2 and ur dad.cheers peace
god bless my friend always
@ blackhawk70 : Thanks alot for the sweet comment my friend.. may god bless u & ur beloved father as well !!
it's only that i wake up to not find him there !! that's when my nightmare begains !
anyways .. thanks again

your welcome and thank you for saying that.cheers i enjoy all my dreams even the nightmares . im just like that lol but it does get better . i know what ur saying . hope u have sweetdreams always about everything . some are so real it's scary weird .laugh tk care gd luck to ya. peace teddybear angel
Your father is proud of you. popcorn
@ red_vitamin : oh my God ..you brought tears to my eyes
i just wish if what ur sayin is true
thanks alot ..ur so kind

Thanks Swan :shy: I can interpret dreams cool
he was sending u a message...

The fact that he was sitting in his chair and watching tv, means he is watching you.
If the tv was on , He was really with you at that moment!....

The ring to me is a representation of the love he has for you and that he wants to see u Be happy, ....Especially if u long for a partner!...Than its for sure, Because that ring represent your happiness!

Take care swan, You are an angel trapped in a suit of flesh and mussel, I hope u know How good u are!

take care sweetie!
hug kiss
Good day swan , just look at him in his pictures make us to remind all the things that he left with us , just keep your spirit up swan and remember that he still can watching you wine comfort
A dream? By any chance, were u lookin at my pic when u wrote that?
hey 10k..

That's a little rude bud!
Read her post... Re comment!scold
jack .... u're a nag .... its was a joke ... relax, sit back, and je*k more ....
after reading the blog:

alright, alright jack, your naggin was in place in this case..

me utmost apologies swan ....
well jokes usually have lol...Or some little smilie...

You had only a question mark...
Any ways...
Mine my own business I should!
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