I didn't have time to watch the moonrise over the peak last night. I'd gone out to get something and noticed a glow on the silhouette of Caddo Peak. A fire, I thought. But it was still too wet for timber or brush to be burnin'.
Then, as I watched,the curve of the moon tipped over the rim. It was golden as an egg yolk and lit the sky. "how beautiful," I said to myself. It continued rising, declaring itself so fast you could almost see it moving.
I heard the horses bang the feed tub. I walked over and peeked into the corral. They gave me the eagle eye, ears up. I'd just shod the new horse and quicked his front a little. He was standin' on it square. I felt a little lighter.
I glanced back at the moon. The top third sat on the jagged earth's incisors. It was sneakin' up on the valley. I stared a moment. Something that big ought to be making a sound, I thought.
Like a rumbling locomotive or a creaking timber. Maybe the moaning of highline wires in a windstorm. I listened. Nothing but a night bird and the distant humming of a truck on the road nearby.
I found the feed tag I was looking for and stuck it in my pocket. Too late to call the feed store tonight, but I'd have it ready when I called the next morning. Then I remembered I promised to call the neighbor. He wanted to borrow the brush hog soon as I was done with it. I'd finished that afternoon.
I quick stepped to the house. As I crossed the drive, I noticed the lane was dark but the tops of the trees were sparkling like they'd been sprinkled with glitter. "Man," I said to myself, "it's too bad some photographer isn't here to capture this incredible picture. No one would believe it was real."
I stepped up on the porch, made a mental note to fix the railing that was hangin' like a broken arm, and opened the screen door. I held it a moment and looked back to the east. The dogs watched me hesitate, thinkin' I might not be done outside.
The moon shone like a yellow headlight waist deep in a pool of dark water. Gonna be full tonight, I thought, as I walked to the house and made for the phone. The screen door slammed behind me and my lost opportunity.
I didn't have time to watch the moon hang itself in the sky. A scene so timeless it has been watched by Neanderthal men, pharaohs, Moses, Michelangelo, Columbus, even Pancho Villa and Garth Brooks.
But not me, I didn't have time. I had to make a call.

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Sorry, do you have Benjamin Franklin's phone number? I wanna know if he has watched the moonrise, too. popcorn
After you're dead, be sure to look him up and ask him. laugh tip hat
Nice piece of writing Rev... again.

Yep. Sounds like the familiar story. Always too busy or there's things to do instead of taking time out to capture the moment. Oh well... at least we're guaranteed one full moon every month so there'll be another opportunity.

I'm not having much luck though. Bought myself a nice camera about 3 years ago and I've been meaning to capture the full moon rising over the ocean. 70% of the time it's been overcast and I've either been busy or just plain forgot the other 30%.

Next time...


Garth Brooks??

Glad you liked it, Billy. tip hat

I'll be writing another one here shortly so be keeping an eye out for it. angel
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