Tears taste salt........

For a moment, I felt that the level headed sensible person is dead!!!! Well, I cant be so hard on me… coz I give an opportunity for others to reason out, so how can I be so mercilessly pushing myself to be sensible and be righteous all the time? After all, I’m human too…

Can you fight your cause all throughout your life? Well, some people do!! Knowing that it’s not realistic, they still do. Not many people try to swim against the current.. Well some do!! Many out of those rare “some” get tired and give up sadly. Many out of those rare “some” die in the process of fighting the current or get caught to a whirlpool and turn-around, and they don’t even want to look back!!

Still when I look at the sky after the rain, I expect to see a rainbow…still not ready to turn back? Well, I might, sadly.. Tears taste salt, everyone knows!!!

Have you ever experience “the shadow of you” living with someone else? Ah, there are not perfect situations in this world, even if it’s your shadow; it trails along someone else’s stature. Won’t you feel miserable trying to get your hands on your own shadow, which stays out of your reach? Futile, the effort might be…

So what do you do? Do you still want to remain a fighter? Or do you accept the defeat and join the down-stream? I asked myself. Tears taste salt, everyone knows!!!
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umm ... I always thought tears were salty cause salt dehydrates bacteria so 'salt-water' acts as a disinfactant for the eyes.

as far as sweat goes, its salt cause salt raises the evaporating temperature of the sweat, so it takes up more energy from you while evaporating, so it cools your body down more than unsalted water ....

NB: I read only the titles of blogs ....
the girl is expecting kind of rainbow comments and not thunder and lightning ones

dunno confused rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You know 10K, we have a good native saying, the translation of which is…”when u asked someone where he was going, he tells you that there’s coconut in his sack”…. U just reminded me of that saying…

Keep reading titles..your future will be bright!!! :) Thanks for commenting.. after all you are entitled to say something :))
Hello Mr.Becks72, No need of rainbow comments…just leave whatever you have…and of course, if you have something worthwhile to say…

Thank you :)
@ 1ok
its important to know my brother ,when to comment and when not.
@ melodyy
i am on the pc around 12 hours now and my mind is a little confused, but my belief is nevr quiting,kepp on fighing even when odds r against us .
never surrender.i have break my head many tin=mes like this but i earned my today's self.peace yay handshake bouquet
@alf ...

ease up brother ... it was made on purpose ... your comments are gettin a tad heavy lately ....
its my brotherhood 1ok
like the old brother u seerolling on the floor laughing confused wave handshake beer frustrated grin
Thank you Alfi, I value what you said...
some times dear cant focus ,after a hard day.so if something i missed or misunderstand ,pls forgive mewave bouquet
No, nothing is missing Alfi, I value very much, people who are considerate. Humour and sarcasm we all enjoy, but being a compassionate person is absolutely wonderful.. Thank you Alfi…

wish you peace of mind and happiness.. :) :)
sometimes melodyy ,we have to read the old blogs of us.we r so few that blogging oncs.its nice to know better each other u know.conversing handshake wine thumbs up peace
Not sure what this blog is about but...

Sometimes you have to fight to win the prize. Just going with the flow is giving up control of the situation and accepting circumstances that cause you unhappiness or emptiness. Defeat can be bitter but you have the pride of knowing that you did your best.

It is always worth the battle to fight for our soul (or shadow), or else it will always remind us of what we have lost.
Sounds like ya losing a little patience there Melody. Been banging your head into a brick wall again? Don't worry.... I know the feeling.roll eyes

Going with the flow against your own instincts is just some form of wanting to be accepted. The desire to noticed and be everyone's flavour of the month. Well it doesn't always work out that way.

Personally I prefer to be accepted on an individual basis. Never been much of a team player either. That way I can sit back, lay low.... and watch as everyone else self disintegrates around me. Then it's business as usual.

No need to fight. Patience will eventually win and who knows.... I may even grab that shadow.beer
hi melodyy. i think sometimes we need to be a fighter but sometimes we need to be a joy seeker.

enjoy our life.

yes, tears taste salt, but sometimes tears come because of joy. hug hug
Hello! Miss Melody, long time no see! wave

I don't know why I have a distinctive thought to your blog, lol...As far as I have observed, the inspiration of your writing usually comes from your surroundings, so I guess there is some hidden meaning? confused

I think people who have got a pair of eagle eyes can easily feel cynical about the world turning miserable..(Notice, I am talking in a metaphorical way, lol)

The tears you shed taste salty may be because people's sensibility is sinking down! There might be a dilemma for you to either go ahead "fighting" against the current or "stay" where you are to accept the untruthful truth. (Like me, sometimes I have to just give more people the benefit of the doubt even if I already know the truth myself) laugh

I guess some people have no choice but live in someone else' shadow (or their own shadows live with someone else), because the "reality" too often wipes them out so the unrealistic situations might as well be the best way to keep 'em "alive".

I hope I get myself across. grin handshake
Like Melody!!!

"The possibility of realizing a dream 's what makes life interesting"
"Every day God gives us a moment that can change everything that makes us unhappy. The magic moment 's the moment that a yes or no can change our whole existence".

"Never withdraw from a dream. Just try to see the signs that take you to him".

"When you really want something, all the universe conspires to help you get it".

"Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure".

"When all days are equal is because man has failed to notice the good things that come into your life every time the sun crosses the sky".

"He had no fear of difficulties: what scared it was the duty of choosing a path. Choosing a path meant abandoning others".

"When you grow up and discover that you defended lies, deceived you yourself or suffered for foolishness. If you're a good fighter, do not blame them, but do not let your mistakes be repeated".

"When someone wants something you should know who takes risks and that's why life is worthwhile".

"Sometimes you have to decide between one thing that is being used and one that we would like to know".

Paulo Coelho...

melody, is everything okay?
Fr your blog u sounded like u r tired from all the mess.
I cant say for u , u know urself better than me.
Every action has its consequences, staying has its own and so does leavin.
When u leave the matter it doesnt always means u found better things
when u stay it doesnt always means that you could actually fix things up...
Which consequences ure willing to take?
A strong man could be weakened by love, because it surender
but love never tight us and brings us down. You owe yourself your happiness but facing the world without love is another thing once u stepped out of ur circle.
Tk care
melody ...... u did apreciate the 'shut-up' alf banged me in the face for real ???????????????????

that's damn cruel u know ....

ok ok .... let me mope in peace and don't talk to me anymore

The tears taste bitter or sweet!!! mumbling
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