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Published on DickMorris.com on September 8, 2010

Has the Democratic Presidential Primary of 2012 started already? Is Hillary Clinton beginning to position herself for a challenge to her boss? Yesterday, Hillary fired what may have been the first shot:

She said:

"I think that our rising debt level poses a national security threat and it poses a national security threat in two ways: it undermines our capacity to act in our own interests and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable. And it also sends a message of weakness, internationally."

The contrast with her husband's presidency is implicit: He balanced the budget and reduced the debt to the point where Wall Street fretted that there would be no more federal debt instruments to buy, leaving them without a safe place of park their money.

Hillary does nothing -- nothing -- without forethought. She plans every word, particularly when the words are critical of her president. By framing the "debt level" as a "national security threat," she gives herself jurisdiction over budget policy and makes her comments about it appropriate for a Secretary of State. And by criticizing the debt level which her president has amassed, she sets up the basis for a fiscal/economic critique of his presidency.

Remember that between the time George Washington took the oath of office and the day that Obama took the same oath, the federal government amassed $9 trillion of debt. And, in the nineteen months since then, it has piled up $3.5 trillion more! Debt is Obama's big negative, the concomitant of his big spending stimulus package. Now he has Hillary Clinton criticizing it and, by implication, him.

Will Hillary run? She might. The scenario would go like this:

Step One: Obama loses both houses of Congress by record margins, throwing the Democratic Party into shock. Disbelief yields to recrimination and the party leaders begin to turn on their president.

Step Two: The popular repudiation of their president leads Democrats to question Obama's leadership and his ratings plunge. Without a base of Democratic approval, President Obama's ratings sink below 40% down into the low 30s.

Step Three: As it becomes clear that the Democrats will lose the election of 2012, more and more party leaders and the rank and file demand new leadership and look to Hillary to turn things around.

Who know is she will really run. She doesn't know. She can't know until she sees how low Obama falls. But remember this: If she does run, her candidacy started yesterday.

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Some of you, USA citizens believe, that your country(USA) is the center of the world..

Just like the ancient astronomers believed that earth, is the center of the univers...

Nobody cares my dear, what hillary or bush or obama said...
in a site where people "meet", to exchange ideas,or to find someone to "talk" with etc..

Hope I helped you...

Perhaps, but...

Obama, and the Progressive,/Liberal,/ Socialist - Democrats;
will care in November!

Hope, I helped you my dear...

Sorry to be so centered in the universe,...I guess, I should excuse myself and move to CHINA.
Maybe, then I wouldn't offend you so much! LOL
Yes, I believe you should go and live there. Or maybe you should go and live to Vietnam....

Perhaps, you will learn something new....
Oh well. At least, in all probability, Obama will serve his first term.

Our most recent ex Prime Minister was short of that mark before the knives came out.

confused Centre of the World? Centre of the Universe?

What's it got to do with the blog anyway?dunno
hilary is not a great strategist, if she had positioned herself a little more intimately, in the oval office, we wouldn't have had the cigar incident with the intern.

Hilary is a woman and if she is a good candidate why shouldn't she run for office. But remember politicians often say things but do they do them? Bush Snr said we must confront our national shame referring to street homelessness but did it happen? At the end of the day, I think it is the Corporate world that control the government or try too. Now I have always wondered why so much money is spent on a campaign as I am sure a good candidate with good housekeeping surely does not need to host dinners and parties for example but it comes back to who are they trying to impress or please really Good blog.
If the government and the mass majority had left Senator Clinton alone to work on health reform,when she first entered the White House with Pres. Clinton, we probably would have HEALTH CARE by now. People put her down for trying to act like a president, or her husband and she was shut up really fast. Do we have health care 16 years later? No. Is any one person so dedicated to health care? No. Pres. Clinton in his eight years settled the budget and we were in the black [no matter of personal jabs of his life behind close doors. Most all past presidents had mistress' and some had 3 or 4].He left the White House with a balanced budget. These two people would and could,together do great things for this country and have proven it. Is it too late? People were sleeping at the time [and the time was good],and could only focus on the gossip behind closed doors. Preident Busch came in and destroyed the budget, and no health care as did Obama. I would like to see a president be in office longer than 8 years beacause the Clinton's were on a roll. Britain has the right idea. No president can get any thing done in 4 years or 8 years. When we do get someone who is making great strides,his time is up and that is one mess we always will have. We have to admit including the men that maybe it's time to have a woman president. We would not be the first,to live in the Dark Ages and first to scoff and joke at this idea. Britain had Thatcher years ago.No protest there. It's sad that people an be so bias and not think of the greater good for this country.
dunno sad flower Holly
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