Seeking Mrs Right

I would be interested in hearing from mature women interested in a long term relationship or marriage.

I hope you are out there and wait for your response.

Love, Vladoteddybear bouquet
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it would help if you got dressed, you look immature.
@ gotitall - man don't make him down now, he is looking an advice for his relationship laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Vlado bro,

i hope you find your woman very quickly and disappear out of here,cos i see my chances increasing with your presence

mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling

i meant my chances decreasing

mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling
good luck to you.
gotitall- so says the faceless one!! thumbs down
Haha, good one mate rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
thanks Marie kiss
welcome to cs disney, sit back and enjoy the ride
owh dont forget to buckle up, it mite get preety bumpy sumtimes. wine teddybear
hey gotitall, i bet you wouldnt advice that if he was a topless girl ey? Lmao
at least he shows that he doesnt have excess fat on him. Which was good actually. Lmaorolling on the floor laughing
What a fantastic blog mate!!

And your comments are awe inspiring....

All 6 words and 3 emoticons.

Yeah. Keep ya shirt off.... it's probably the only thing you've got going for
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