Hi - new to site - like what I see so far !

Its so hard to find someone new. Pubs / Clubs are fun but not the best environment when you're 30+. Its even harder on a site like this as you guys are total stangers, but then so am I to you. I'm glad to see you are all meeting up in Dublin this weekend, I'd love to come but don't know if I'm brave enough. I shudder at the thought of walking into a local pub alone to meet mates nevermind venture to DUB to meet strangers (that should be possible new friends - I Know !)
I have read some of your posts on the forum and you seem like a good bunch. Hope you have a good meet !
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hi my name is paul, just reading your blog, but if i say so myself doing something new that you never done before is a bit scarey, i,m very shy, but on this i can talk and express myself, if you want we can be friends on this least you have someone to talk to take care
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