how many men could wait for sex .like not the first time.id really like if u wouldnt mind answering.
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I could wait. My priorities are in a better order than they were when I was 18. beer
They can wait as long as they love you & they know you're the one for him.If a man is dating you just for sex then he should make it clear to you in the beginning.Otherwise don't waste your time, ask him why he wants to date you.I have female friends & i never had sex with them,coz we are only friends & we accept it the way we are.Both should have the confidence to talk about it.Good luck & i hope i answered your question,wave
And why would we want to wait? Does your competition make us wait?

Semen is a renewable source unlike my life. Wait for what?

Lady, I suggest you find a freind not a lover, as you will only end up torchering the man that falls in love with you.
as long as it takes
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