Love conquer's all
Love is all
Love is everywere, u just have to know were 2 look
with out love in one's life, Then are u really alive?
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Unfortunately, love does not conquer death. sad flower
waveyes bambi86,,love does conquer all,,you just have to be patient,it will come to you even w/o finding for it,,if its yours it will definitly come,,love will show him the way to your heart dear,a blessed day bouquet
all we need is love, that's why we join dating sites ... lol wave wave
love is in the eyes of the beholer
Yeah thats right.
Love always come's around at the end :)
Just be u, n the right one will show him\her self :p
love doesnt pay bills either.
mmm.. I agree with .. you Bambi86....then.. I ask myself..

.... am I really.. alive.. ?heart wings
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