I recently had an epiphany. I got hurt again really bad and went down to the river. One long talk with God watchin the sun go down and the moon come up. The next day it hit me. I spent 34 years being told who, what, when, where, why and how and so concerned with pleasing everyone else...I neglected myself. I could not define "happy" though I have made it happen for so many people. It's my turn. I'm going to do what I have always wanted to do. I love sitting at the river by a small campfire in the middle of the night listening to nothing but what God made. I love walking throught woods...the sights, smells and sounds...find a ray of sunshine through the leaves and close my eyes. I love helping random people...talking to a stranger who has tears in his eyes and giving him hope (you may never read this, brother but you are still in my prayers), giving an older lady $5 for gas because she forgot her purse, stopping to help a diabetic laying in the road and giving him a doughnut (i hope you feel better), lending my cell to a young lady at the train station in the middle of the night (i pray for ya!). People doubt God is there, ever get the urge to stop somewhere but change your mind? I used to...but not anymore.
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Great blog, Netwolf! Thank you for being an Earth angel. I'm so glad you have decided to do what brings you joy!wave
Yes, you are an angel, one who cares. I've been told I'm an angel as well, always their when you need me. Thanks for the lovely blog. Nice work, well done.
Was the doughnut custard filled? If yes, more blessings to you. handshake
wonderful story.
touching my heart! angel
Thank you for sharing a wonderful moment.
very nicehug kiss
i respect you brother your the best ?
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