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I'm also looking for women as well as men. Ages between 35 to 55yrs.teddybear heart beating sad flower bouquet heart wings lips love thumbs up cheers banana wave smitten wine beer sad flower
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We'll have a deal and a warm welcome to CS brother/sisterhood if you take away as many men as you can-leave the women to me,please.

Deal ?

what is the deal? videochat? confused rolling on the floor laughing
or may be philosophic topic dunno
hi becks, good point of view!!! laugh
Hey hugh,

I would video chat you anytime,and i dont charge much per hour

hahaha, I have nothing to share, but we can change some lines or words if you are still interested!!! I'll set the price for you! confused let me think of it, tell you later dancing
no more joke lady, I'm a human being with age between 35-55, welcome to CS bloggers!!! wine happy place cheers
welcome saucysuzie, wish you the best in your search, double bubble, dont make it any easier, best to you.
Billy, where are you? Don't you want to get lucky? saucy is waiting for you, Miss Venus has already be taken rolling on the floor laughing
This hugh1 person has caused me to be intrigued. Perhaps it is only the "1" in her name.confused Numbers have that kind of effect on me at times.
Blogger, are you bisexual?
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