Want to know me more?

but you don't have a photo???

aaawwwww Do you think its fair that I have posted photos with my profile and someone would just send me a flower saying they wanted to know me more? More of what? hahaha I envy these people , at least they have a slight idea of what I am and how I look like.. poor me I dont even know if they exist or these blank photos are just a pigment of someone's imagination.

dunno confused

sorry for the ranting cheers
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It would not surprise me if many of the blank photos are because they don't have a pic or a way to scan it. That scenario is my reason for appearing anonymous.

I have received flowers asking to get to know me better. I just give them a little insight into who I am that my profile doesn't offer. Problem? dunno If they answer back then I guess not. rolling on the floor laughing
I have the same reason as midnight's. bouquet
hey Justme,

looks like you just need a break this time (..reading caption on your profile) Btw accidentally happens to me to have 2 pics here..Why dont you have a look ?
Ahh FGS It's just a pity you are not an Aries my dear , we could have done great things together...
laugh laugh
@Midnight and Red~~ I can understand the availablity of photos or someone's privacy, I don't question them. It's just that I've given more by putting a photo there and a brief description about myself but that someone is not contented of what he could get... confused

or should I write my msn or facebook id on my profile so he'll know everything about melaugh or maybe my address too head banger frustrated

hmmmm being on CS is a big break for me laugh as I follow the forums and the blogs.. I just love the characters depicted on heredancing BTW, the six packs are quite impressive, where did you get them? im kinda loving the sched you have, sucks I have only Weds and Thurs for a free booze Ladies Night with my gfs.

Ohhh dear wish ur a cancer, pisces or virgo.. fun would be somewhat splendid grin banana
everyone needs imaginary friends .roll eyes laugh when i first got online i didn't have pics cuz i didn't have a digital camera .doh laugh so i went out and bought one lol a girl without a pic has a better chance then a guy without one. professor laugh a guy without a pic is dead in the water so ur right if you seriously want to meet someone put pictures up or be that imaginary space ghost . perfect for halloween .dancing mumbling laugh cheers head banger peace
laugh laugh I can count my good friends with my fingers and toes and with yours too so I definitely need an imaginary one wink in case not one of them would want to hang out with me on a lazy sunday or when I lock myself up in my apartmentconversing and I want at least 3 to have a party and do karaoke dancing cheering
hey just ,

at least you have a nice sense of humor, which is not bad at all...
The six pack ? photoshop's miracles ...took a crush course last year...what are you doing next thursday ... you said ?

laugh cheers
awwww thanks you too, ur blogs are hilarious grin did u do comedy shows in the past? grin grin

I wanna enroll to that crash course for 6 packs, tho I wanna have a firmer belly wowooooohhhhhhcool so I can wear my midriffshead banger

Today is ladies night and tomorrow too. I might skip today and get more drunk tomorrow barf its free booze anyway.. so why notcheers
Sending the flower was a mistake doh .. aarrrhhh... now everyone knows about it doh

Here's my 15 minuts of fame I was waiting my entire life for...I am world famouse now rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
i'm just an ugly so n so, but at least my dog is cute grin

no need to enrol,my dear

I 'll do it for you my dear, on a one to one basis ...

you wont believe how fast you can progress

laugh laugh cheers
@ Jake~~ ooooppppssss I didnt mention a name or give a clue but here you go dunno you spilled the beans outgrin

laugh laugh I wanna be famous too.handshake
@ Mazza

your dog is indeed adorable and so are you, cheer up buddy u have a photo and a nice profile, thats more than enough hug kiss
hmmmm that's quite tempting... I love special attentiongrin grin

but please no liposuction, im scared of needlesblues blues

laugh laugh

I can afford 5USD per hour tho for the service fee excluding air ticket and food rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughinghug
Good point! i always think they have something to hide. You Know, like a husband.
the "like a husband" comment was from my perspective btwdoh
hahaha thats why I'm justmehaha and I can laugh even with the husbands...

but no chance I would get involved withscold as Im single and would never adhere to a second best nor I would give u a choice rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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