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So as I sit here bored and doing the usual late night browse thru CS I decided to click on some of the links I have never looked at before. (Which is how I came across writing my second little blog here) Well after screwing around for a bit and noticing I still have no action in my inbox, I went to this top 100 link. I looked around and came across top rated photos... and there I was. Very weird, especially being surrounded by all that spam. But really? I come on here and send messages here and there and talk to a few people...who are very cool. But my point is, if a photo rating is that good, I would think that maybe just maybe I would have a little more luck around here. I dunno maybe its me but it doesn't make much sense. I guess. OK Im done now, have a great night and good luck everyone.
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I've done that many times, rated a few well enough for their looks but a photo is just a photo. Maybe in some point it underwent some photoshopping and editing, dunnoor it just with the right angle :P I call it Vitamin A, its only for the eyes.smitten good looks matter but a better personality counts more.head banger

so lemme say it this way:

good looks + better personality= Perfect tongue tongue

but no one is perfectuh oh moping

so I'll settle for the personality kiss kiss
grin Did you see my photos too?...I have no any rates yet!...don't you think I'm cool too???grin wine

Good luck ...maybe our time didn't come yet.handshake
omg if I was twenty year younger lmao what is wrong with the womnen wave you should have been taken by now hun
I think you pics are too intimidating...simple as that.
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