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hey just want to let you's know i've updated my profile making it short and sweet. If I had the chance however I would put everything I have been through and then some but then it would look like I'm just after attention. No obviously not the right way to go. Anyway check it out and see for yourself and is you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

Thanks alot for reading this grin
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That's a smart move , Andy
you keep improving ,that's the right attitude

thumbs up
yeah... Andy good work since last lime handshake I think my friend Dandy...changes profile and style too, in the last week laugh and now has a tremendous success comfort rolling on the floor laughing
Hey hugh tongue tongue

laugh laugh
yes, dandiest brother tongue wink
i was there for 23 years
update! I have a job interview on Wednesday for a call center postion it's a group interview so I'm alittle nervous but I'll do my best as to what I can do if I get the job then good if I don't then I'm stuck looking for another job.
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