Facing realities at night!

If someone had told me before i went to bed last night that my sleep wouldn't last up to 2 hours,i'm damn sure i would have had my greatest laugh of the month.but that was exactly what happened last night.from the bottom of my heart,i never expected such an unwanted,terrifying emergency.now don't get me wrong cos this has nothing to do with a lady or my profession.it's about something i really don't feel like saying right here.
But it turned out horrible.i was having a very peaceful sleep in the middle of a chilly,quiet night.it was the kind of sleep where it feels like u're completely lost in space and it seems u've been sleeping for ages.well,i was brought back from that 'space-like' world when someone suddenly jerked my arm & i was once again faced with life's realities.
I checked my watch & realised i had barely slept for an hour and half!!wow!that was strange.from the look of things around me,i quickly concluded that the remaining hours of the night won't be nice,and so it happened.
Now,i don't know if u've ever found yourself in such an unexpected,sad & difficult situation where u're suddenly woken to undergo an unpleasant task in a freezing,silent night (like in my case).or someone wakes you to deliver a sad news.how does it feel?only those that have been there can see it from my point of view.
In the end,i had to sacrifice the rest of the night just to fulfill my task.i just finished.& since it's now a little bit difficult to sleep,i decided to spend some time here,publish this encounter before trying to sleep again.
I'm feeling dizzy now....
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comfort poor you! wink
Now,that's going to make me sick.
Well, at least I gave you some attention and empathy doh
Well then,thanks for the 'attention'.
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