i feel if someone where to get to know me they wud really get my sense of humour hence the name brainrot.. as nearly everyone has asked me about it!
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show us your humor,present us with a proof, write something...we cannot simply abide by your name.
well cork, cork, where you are from is sorta that wat you mean? cuz than u funny girl....

and a pic would speed up the french kiss stuff too
You sure everything is not rotting completely? Where are you brainy? conversing
popcorn Indeed. Keeping us here with these popcorn's a particular sense of humour, i must admit. doh
Cork is one of the best cities in Ireland.
I feel sorry for the poor lass,she is 6' tall-not many guys are here over 6'4" and single too
dabomb, hi there sweetums, but just so you know, its been along friggin time since i had corn....popcorn so i am so enjoying this lack of humor popcorn
Dunno about brainrot....

I do know I've chucked out an expensive wine that had corkrot.

That ain't very humourous either.roll eyes

G'day Smitts.wave

Long time, no
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