does every man in this country have children?? with women that they are no longer wit. judging from peoples profiles.
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All men in Ireland are single-the children are with the mothers who collect the child benefit,child allowances,rent allowance,and,...and,while not missing anything whats going online

confused confused confused confused
this but my motto in life is there's never an ex where children are concerned.
ok brain, i can mult-task pretty friggin good....but b4 i respond to this one, how long are you keeping this one up?dunno is your name yellow confused
uve got me there.. im confused wit that comment!

True,but the divorced guys like myself and with no children are not 6'4''+ and so on,

C'est la Vie


if you post two blogs one after another,the last one disappears/stays only on your blog list but not visible on blog list in general
no need to apologize brain, just that when a blog starts going, and the owner deletes creates another...i so get screwed up with that, cuz always interested in the way a blog turns out in the end once started, and i apologize, there use to a member here, named yellow, and she would post a new blog every 15 minutes...and i was interested in her prior topic...then lost to a new post...thats all....cheers

becks , u seem to have an issue wit my height or im gettin that vibe.. i never mentioned that i was lookin for a bloke that was 6"4.

you misunderstood me,it's a normal task i believe,man to be the tallest of the two,don't tell me you'd date or God forbid a fella where you would be looking like Kate Cruise ?!

handshake handshake

in my case,the worst is that with most of the girls i get on well or there about-we look like Laurel&Hardy

dunno dunno dunno dunno
lol 5" 10 wud b pushing it to the limit for me becks...
laugh dandiest brother popcorn it is still have one hour to step by to the hot stuff!!! wave
brain, unable to comment on your question, cuz honestly really difficult to statistics from profile views, so unable to comment but will say, yes, becks a piking on height for a woman 2 date.....height would be the least of my worries....if my guy ended up in a wheelchair, 4 ft shorter than me, would i still love him, gawd ya, height doesnt matter, love/heart wins all...teddybear
babysmitt i like ur views alot....thumbs up
Hughy sister,

do you have any suggestion on that ? laugh


At least put up a nice pic so that Becks can at least make a first evaluations of the risks involved .

laugh popcorn hmmm

I know from profiles in Ireland that more than 80% of the girls have as their first sentence on the description of the ideal man as
i know brainrot doesnt have that on her profile,
a question for you,if that guy showed up on a wheelchair does he have to have the bank statement on his wheelchair proofing he is a millionare ?

Come on,dont tell me chemistry doesnt play the most important part to start fancying somebody,before the life goes on.
Anyway,i raise a wine to different opinions and i respect that
hi mick, im new here wave you a funneee guy...popcorn
Hi Baby and welcome on board

let me check your profile out then

laugh laugh
yes, MD till then go to game day laugh, and me like a good kiddo to take a nap! wave
@becks, quite shallow i see, 3 ingredients for love: chemistry, physical/emotional connection and unconditional acceptance....mixed together correctly creates a recipe of forever in your arms......either in a wheelchair with dollars or not, or 6 feet tall or 4 feet elf the preference of how ppl view what love really is, wat they are looking 4, or just demostrates shallowness about preceptions in their own corrupt mind wat a relationship should look like....u r single arent you?

if you're single,then i'm single too.If you have a bf,then i have a gf too.
babysmitt.. that was a little harsh towards becks. the poor bloke.

I'm a realist not a dreamer
i met my guy here becks.....thank-gawd for CS cheering been 2gether long time, and no brain, not harsh on me he can hold his own and opinions and debates is wat i love here at CS, i learn something new all the time...cheers
babysmitt, good for u.. long may you's b happy a girl wit attitude.
popcorn guitar

well at least these 2 girls have faith which nowadays it 's something


Cork is not too far away from you man ...
Thanx Mick,

Its 2 hours and 20 minutes drive,she is a very nice lass indeed.
i tell you an old Irish traditional saying

Work locally,shop locally and date locally
i just love it when guys perv my profile...makes me feel loved....thanks becks and is mick isnt it? popcorn
@Beck , my friend

local is better, I's my motto !


I 'm relocating to canada to date you
is it ok ?
becks who ever said one had to b open-minded...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I just clicked at your profile to read it and i didnt perv,after all you cant stop the customers looking at the clothes they're gonna not buy on the shops displayed.
Glad to hear you met somebody and i wish you two all the best.I'm not on here to make enemies but friends

well, mr. mick can i get bak to you on that, need to ask my brother, camel...CT if he approves....and oh ya, my partner...thinking it should be a go if you know how to kiss my a**....rolling on the floor laughing


It won't work long term,and you will miss on the best part of your life,i'm talking experience here.
I dont regret anything,it was an Irish girl the reason i'm in Eire,but not together anymore.
@ becks, just playing with you, ive been around the block here long time trust me....just having funz with you hug when u get to know me better, you will see, and i honestly did meet the man of dreamz here and never thought it was possible, i am blessed, love him so much, and im just here for shitz and giggles, truly...cheers and i think you are pretty kool how you have responded to me thus far......takes alot to deal with i lied, camel...doh
beck ,

what do you think of that ?

was more a no or a yes , we all know that with women some interpretation work is helpful...

I got the impression, was more a yes nevertheless

laugh laugh
true becks, but i feel a man that i wud give my heart to wud travel the length of the country for me.. cas im so worth it!!hug
mr.mick you are truly, honestly the most genuine person with the dryest sense of humor i have ever met.....u prethink your blogging posts dont you, 2 cute......i am so starting to like you, liking you alot sunshine...smitten
@brain...there is no distance 4 love.....anyone would travel to be with the one they love......we do it all the time...cheers
Yeah I feel the woman i'd give my .....would travel the length of the coutry too cos it's worthy it

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