Who really wants TRUE love and to find their Soul

It wasn't all that long ago really, that when people met, and fell in love, they believed in staying together. In fact, it was as early ago as when my dear grandparents were young.

However, i've found in this day and age, only 50...60 years later we're become so far removed from what real love is anymore i find it sad. Especially when the world has opened up so much to us- enabling us to get to meet and know people we otherwise would not have.

We live in an age now, where things are made like crap. They fall apart because it's just easier to replace then fix. It's all about the 'newer model'. But that attitude toward MATERIAL things has also crept over into an area it has no right in being. Our love lives and personal relationships. People are treating those they once fell in love with like they are some thing to be replaced if it's not working. (and not working is a loose term as people can be replaced for a newer model too.)

Not everyone believes in Soul Mates. i get that. Many who know me know how cynical and bitter i am toward men- and love in general. Yet even i have to believe in them. i have to believe there really is someone out there meant just for us. Someone who is our other half.

There are those who find it too far out to believe that in the entire world there could be only one single person 'meant for us.'

Don't get me wrong. The world is a very large, vast place. Filled with millions and billions of people. i'm not saying people can't find someone to love, and be happy with. That it HAS to be one certain person. Lots of people end up together who have no right to be together. They lie, cheat and disrespect each other and themselves each and every day. Yet they still somehow make it work. Maybe they are just lonely, scared, or fooling themselves into a false sense of belonging and happiness. Whatever the reason, it works for them. Most times. Then there are those who end up together and they seem like a pretty good match. Outwardly they could be perfect for eachother.

But with Soul Mates... It goes so much deeper then that. i believe Soul Mates connect on levels many of us cannot even begin to fathom or understand. They connect without even being aware of it. Some people are so sensitive to their 'other half' that they can't hold a stable relationship- or they just don't get into one at all. Nothing ever seems right. We can't figure it out why, most of us just decide we'll just end up alone...or turning into one of those people who settles on whatever comes along eventually. Or not.

Sometimes however... Sometimes on very rare occasions i like to believe people are consciously aware of their Soul Mate. It's a feeling that cannot be fully explained. Hard as you may try, in the end it just isn't logical by any scientific reasoning. It's a feeling that can only be roughly and crudely described as instinct. Following a feeling deep in your gut. These highly aware people can be thousands of miles apart from their Soul Mate- yet share feelings of longing, pain, and saddness. They can think of each other without ever having met. You can dream about them, even close your eyes and feel them beside you- without them really being there. Like an echo of a possible future.

Fate and Destiny play their hands in bringing two halves together. But they can only do so much.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything is connected somehow.

If you've met someone and tried to forget them (for whatever reason) it seems like the world is 'against you' and you keep on being reminded of them- The world isn't against you. It's trying to tell you something. It can be subtle, direct or round about. In the end it's up to US how we interpret and act(or not) on these directions and hints. Not everyone can see/sense such things. It's a gift.

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However it baffles me how many people choose to ignore such signs. Everyone has their own reasons of course. They may just shrug them off as coincidence, chance, illogical and not worth their time...etc. Some people may give them a brief nod of acknowledgement, but then allow mundane things in Life to disuade them from acting. Like money, distance, time, circumstance....etc.

i wonder though, how many people would allow such things to thwart them from the path of finding their Soul Mate if they truly believed. Or if they really truly understood how impossible it is to ever find someone like that person again.

Though there may be billions of people on this planet, every single one of them is unique. Every single one of them is like a snow flake. But not just in appearance. We're talking, looks, actions, thought processes, IQ, and the list goes on and on and on. There may be 'plenty of fish in the sea'.... But there is ONLY ONE fish like the one you've met... You will never, ever meet someone exactly like them again.

Dear reader, if you have met someone, and you feel they have touched your life in a unique and special way, and if at any time you've felt even the slightest hint of something for them it could be one of Destiny's subtle helping hands. Don't let something as small as distance, or time, or anything like that stop you from really getting to know them. You may be shrugging off your one chance to be with your Soul Mate.

If you meet and there are no sparks, then you know. But if you meet, and their are sparks... the rest of your life could be...will be changed. The road afterward may be hard, and long... But you won't be alone anymore. They will be with you every step of the way, and together you will find the happiness you were destined to have.

i hope everyone has the drive and tenacity to find their Soul Mates. And to those who have already found theirs... hang onto them and cherish them like the priceless gems they are.

totally interesting blog...cheers different perceptions to the outlook of searching, seeking, the outcomes,pain, hurt, happiness, how we all decipher the feelings or not feelings love and individuality and togetherness.....i found my true half, and i am blessed, i have my gift and am totally connected because you are right, everything happens for a reason, and when two halves melt together they do become one....part of the universe heart wings
and yes, hes not only a gem, he's a treasure, and every breath i take, i love him even more.....teddybear
Dear Cheshirecat,

Nice blog,

bouquet bouquet bouquet

hug hug hug
wow !?.!?.
At first I looked at the length of it and sad no way...conversing

But my next habit is to have a look at one or two comments...
And the result is ,Yeeee I had no choice I had to read it...

I will just say that it is one of the better blogs I read in a long time...grin

cheers hug drinking hug drinking hug drinking hug

Part 1,

It's still nice falling in love

Part 2

The price is to high to pay

Very nice writing indeed,my parents would agree with you totally

You have a point.In this age everything is disposable, and partners make no exception.
Most people dont enter a relationship to make it last or build something like 20 years ago,but to exploit it and when it wears out ,replace it.It's like for their mobile phone,no matter how nice it is after a year , there's always a newer model.
After all nowadays it's so easy to find casual partners and jump from one to another.....what's the point in having 1 soul mate forever if you can have 2 a year ?
Both interesting and true. Really nice blog.hug
Goodness, i never expected such comments and replies. blushing

Thank you everyone. purple heart
touchable!!! wine
Wow - don't make living and loving so hard and so full of idealistic conditions
lol goodheart

I like what you wrote Cheshire cat. You skillfully put into words things many of us think about but don't go into the trouble of writing about.I agree with you about soul mate being unique. Like our fingerprints are unique.
Sometimes I get ideas when I read.grin
Sometimes I get ideas when I read other peoples profilesgrin
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