Dating Site Dilemma

You are happily chatting to someone. Getting on well. Then another person just appears. A bit Sweetie shop shallow but hard to resist contacting them?
Do you blank them out and wonder or talk and risk what is positive?
If you are a One Woman Man this gets very complicated!
Is it cheating to chat?
Especially if not sure of the lady you seem to already have?
Can too much choice be a curse?
Opinions welcome.
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I think the answer lays in everyone consciousness. And consciousness could be a friend or an enemy. Depends on which side of baricade you want to stay. Anyway, having someone for your soul, shouldn't affect the fact that you want to reach out new ways of communication, as they are so many. Search your needs, delimitate the answered questions from the unanswered and then see for yourself where you're up to fix that thin line. Cos it's damn thin...wink wine
There must be a reason you are being tempted away from your current lady. Go with your heart I would say, time for making mistakes is not on our side .... beer
Depends on what stage the relationship has reached, if its early on and you are just talking and getting to know each other then talk to others and keep your options open. Further down the line this could be considered cheating.
Which one do you prefer to use as your focus during m**turbation?...there in lies the answer to your question.professor
totally believe, this site was created for many different flavored ice creams to test, exploring and feeling ppl out is important, however if one is very comfortable and confident in the one relation, stick totally to that.....if not window shop, doesnt mean you have to buy....but you will and have funz, just dont hurt feelings of others along the way, or mislead them cuz that totally sucks...cheers

i am a one woman man, and intitally, me and my partenr as well, had to feel each other out, but i stayed with him, and never responded to anyone else, and thank-gawd, cuz he is the One, totally meant to be......but again its situtaional and the preference of the individual of where they feel the relation may or may not be going through chat....take care, wish the best on your descision, and on a side note, would you be okay if the current person you are talking 2, chatted with other, sauve and sexy men as urself hug
What would be the objective in contacting the other person???

An innocent chat?? then go for it

More?? then be honest with yourself and those you are chatting too

Are there "many women men"?conversing
I see where you comming from I still dont know i would feel like i was cheating for sure i am a one man women so i am wondering the same thing ! so i am going to read every comment !confused
Many of the men I meet on this site want get too involved too early without really getting to know the other person. They appear desperate and for me that's quite a turnoff so I may lose interest. I don't think either party should be limited to who they are chatting with if there is no contact or committment. After all we're all here to find someone so why would you want to limit your choices right off the bat? If the relationship continues and progresses then why would you want stay on the site?
Mike ,

I was going to ask the same question fgs:

where are all many men women that I meet every day at pubs ,office

and clubs etc etc..?

laugh laugh
Chatting is not dating. Why not chat with someone that interests you? The worse that can happen is that you may find a new friend.
Ok, so I don't want to say too much or I might get myself into trouble, but look at it this way: Freedom is a great priviledge, but too much freedom is dangerous. That's how the whole choice-thing feels for me right now.
Kaybee, you are so right! I want to get to know and chat with guys so I don't rush into anything. Several of these guys are acting like I belong to them already though. Ahhhhh!
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