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Hey everyone I am Nina and I am about the realest person you will meet! So If you have any questions I will answer them with the only thing I know!!!! HONESTY!!!cheering

So my Topic is v***rator!!
Women do you love v***rator??? ( I Dosmitten )
Men How do you feel when your ladies use v***rator?
Do you feel like your not doing your job?
And women do you just use it for more excitement?
Let me know

My opinion is:

Men!!! Your doing a good job Lets give the men around of applauseapplause applause applause applause peace peace .... Don't feel bad fellas its just that you can't do what a v***rator can.. you can't hit spots that even us women didnt even knew existed... or maybe you can if so holla atcha girl heart beating (wink)

If this is an issue in the bed room couples make it exciting!!yay

Fellas use it on your girl and watching her enjoy
will make you enjoy TRUST ME!!!!


heart1 Ninalips
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i have never had complaints even tho i can't buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . it's an accessory it can't replace a man but a man can't replace it .
Yes its an accessory! But to single women who have a hard time with a relationships, Meaning they don't want one.. It can replace a man!! Hey I'm not complaining just want to hear everyone's opinion

Especially if your looking for a quick "waterfall"
or if your man working late and a lady gets bored
best believe I'm going 2 pull it out .. until he comes home
and Pull his outsmitten

heart beating Ninalips
he is one lucky fellow to have a woman that keeps the coals hot so he can start the fire when he gets home .
Now here is a perfect example of what I call pathetic. You are pregnant, asking for mails that can only have a headline ‘I can help you’, mentioned your sister who looks for a sugar daddy, and here you are talking about v***rator and calling yourself a very honest real person. Have some shame, plan for your baby, and forget about v***rator and insertions. It’s people like you who make this world a very very difficult place to survive. Get a life and forget about sensations for a while. After few months your baby will remind you truly what a sensational life you have created for yourself.

By the way, if were into v***rator so much, how did you get pregnant, was there any semen left on it from the second hand store you bought it from?
buzz man too rough!!!mumbling
Lol your funny !!

I can care less what you think about me ... Who cares about my profile? Well obviously you do!! The profile was a joke that me and my sister did ... so she wants a sugar daddy ... are u upset that you're 2 broke to have that title?? Get over yourself...

And yes I am pregnant ... How do you think I got pregnant?
No not by a v***rator .. if it was that easy we wouldn't have sperm banks honey!

Your little comment doesn't hurt my feelings .. because while everybody else is actually tellin me their opinion about their experiences with this " special tool" your up here tryna be doctor phil.. SO have a good night honey!

wow ...... harsh ........
perhaps we should start over ?

Thats not a blog,but a poll you should have posted to dunno
v***rator ?
Have you asked yourself the question of being Lesbian ?
Maybe you should

i dated a girl, that ran her v***rator off of a diesel generator, it had a 6 speed gearbox, had no neutral, or reverse, and she never ran it on idle, but like most girls, she always said, there aint nothing like the real thing, aint that a fact.
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i think you guys aren't getting the point of this whole was for fun not for all you guys to put in your little two cent that don't make sense...i like the comments that actually have something to do with the topic the rest of you guys go some where really...shes just trynna have a little fun stop trynna run pple away..GOSH!!scold
@ GotItAll: thats true ... there's nothin like the real thing lol!

To the other guy: Y do we have 2 start over I liked your comments.. its just that some people like to be a**hole and want 2 give a speech and shyt and I can careless what they have to say if it aint about the topic... but ur fine sweety

more a**hole? or is someone other than these 2 guys gonna actually enjoy the topic??tongue

lips lips Luv ya .. even tha hatersvery mad

Ninaheart beating
i was just suggesting that the blog got carried into a less favorable direction than it should have been .
hi Nina, so where we left off?
excuse me?..
Hello....are u here
dunno may be
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