The Myth of "Strong" Women

One of the things I have never understood are men who say they like strong, assertive, independent women and then when they get one they run for cover. What's up with that? I think they are not sure of their masculinity and also not in touch with their feminine side and tend to view us as a threat but I would love to hear what some of you guys have to say. Women too.
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Does strong mean a 200 pounder? drinking
dunno confused It's hard to figure out what men wants from the women point of view.... Some say they/men like strong women, but they want also the fiminity of the women, So, how can be women be fiminine and strong in the same time???. I think when it's come with money and emotions..grin
It doesn't make a hill of beans if it's male or female. When a person isn't in right balance they will always gravitate to the weaker side and attract a mate who will bolster that weeknes through their Energies. They may make an attempt to do the opposite but once they get in to it they run away. So one must go with the flow of the river not swim against it as is the case in most relationships. They should not have been together in the first place but they pushed it for what ever reason. Money, looks, Car, Horse , etc.bouquet kiss kiss
red are questioning your own masculinity...200 lbs of raw meat b/t ur legs or a womans beauty of 200 brain cells in comparison to a mans 200 lbs between his legs........just curious, cuz sometimes when you dont get enough camel milk or goats milk, you get a wittle bit you baby...lips
They were lying to there selfs and you then. I have always been attracted to strong willed smart women. When I found my Angela I knew she was for me. It took a plane crash to sepirait us, and I still miss her to this day. A strong woman is a tresure to be cherished. A strong woman makes her man a better person. Not threw force of will, But will of charecter that chages you.
I havent bothered to read your profile, but I pre-suppose you regard yourself as a "strong woman" then?
TI think that men mislead when they say they like strong women. Confident men do like strong women
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