check out my profile! rate my photo im a college student chating results for a class. but that doesnt mean we cant still talk and have a good time.lol
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'morning! popcorn violin
You forgot to mention that you only wont woman to rate you...scold conversing cool
handshake welcome to the blog bro.have fun and enjoyhandshake cheers cheers
Morning Hugh...good to see you...grin cheers hug
Hello?wave ......

R u taking Q; & A:?
What are u doing bud?...Chatting results for what kind of class?
Could u explain a little more?

Technically there is no real topic so what do we discuss....Thats all i got....For now?...I
handshake cheers And ladies REMEMBER!readprofile thanks
Where are the good old days gone,when Gentlemen acted like Gentlemen do best-make themselves presentable and wait for the Ladies to spot them ?!
All this commercial/advertisement thing is taking the word Gentleman out of the dictionary somehow.
Anyway,peace bro,and wish you good luck.

P.S. I gave you a 10 on your pic rating,will that increase your ego ?!

cheers cheers
@ becks ... you would rate him a ten just so u can comment about u rating him a ten ! lol Hugs

And to you mr .student good luck with comments if there is no subject lol

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