r there still brainy guys left in 2010

where have all the smart well groomed guys gone to. is there a new planet been established that us left behind females just dont know about. it is so frustrating to try and have a conversation with a guy and all u get in response is one word answers help!!!!!!!!!!doh
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smart and well groomed now your just asking too much . lol.
I think most of them paired off with the good looking women.
yeah really only the bottom of the barrel is left super sorry .
right... heathray...I need some for the riddlesmoping
Simple, they are looking for ladies while trying to get through all the scammers. lol
Don't get discouraged, just be patient. One will eventually appear but until then.... frustrated
Well - In South Africa - you Brits Enslaved all the Men and put them to working the Diamond and Gold mines to make money for you -

your own fault there- barf
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