kindness is an inner desire that makes us do good things to others even if we dont get something in return..It's done with sincerity and done from the heart.You become worthy not for who you are, not even for what you have but of what others have become because of YOU....teddybear
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Very nice blog and thank you for it.

I find your blogs very nice...peace
ur blind jackweb come on....blushing anyway tnx...tongue
U trying to start a boxing ?

Just joking as well, And blind I am not...Slow ..Some times!!laugh
tongue have a nice day jack....take care...teddybear
u too...Thanks again for the blog...I have to go to bed now...yawn
Good night!
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww....forgot its night there...have a sweet dreams jackk..nyt nyt....heres a prayer for u...angels above...please guard my friend over here...he is alone for 8 months now..i hope tomorrow he will find his other so he would be complete and happy like me...AMEN.....heart wings
teddybear yes, give more everyday....expect less in return....its a gift, a present that those that receive will want to reopen and recieve again and again.....beautiful feeling....teddybear
hi baby smitt....i used to call my bf ur name for me is sooo sweet..tnx for ur friendship..hope it will last even after CS times....hug
aww gzzzz...I went to go pee...And come back to that prayer!!

Thank u so much!!
I would be so happy if i found someone or some found me either way I wish i was happy like you!!

Thanks again nice!
That was too kind!hug
enjoy ur pillow tonight...ur alone still..hehheheh..goodnight...
Im really going now though ....
good day...Night 4 me!!yawn zzzz
only a fool holds out the hand of friendship, without a dagger in there other hand, for it is your friends that rob you of your happiness, more often than your enemies.
And sometimes kindness is giving people what they need, not what they want. wine
yes at some point yes..there are stories like that i heard about..and the worst enemy u would have is ur bestfriend coz he knows ur weakness he knows how to kick ur a** and get u down on ur knees and break ur heart...but some do sacrifices ryt?and friends for me are for keeps too...i dont stab at their back...ill tell them when im mad or something upset not a plastic type i am real..what u see is what u get...conversing
where the hell is mr.ct again????awww come on..dont tell me.........nooooooooooooo.....not many times will CS kill mr.ct????lolzzzzzz....get here soon...we will miss u...and btw..are u a he or a intrigued...confused
for those who cant understand ct...just understand that i love animals so its not a surprise....grin peace
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