Why do guys keep on looking at you but never flowe

Come on guys, there are guys that keep on looking at women's profiles...but are too afraid? to flower you or write? Have we all lost our roles so now women have to take the masculine role and pursue the man? Why are men afraid to take the lead and pursue the woman?
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Calliope...i did that..i swear ! wave In vain ! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
But i'm against harassement ! So....wine wine
I've flowered several women, but they don't respond. I guess if that happens a lot of guys, they just stop doing it.
wave yes, they did, I just receive a blue rose! The first one! wine
Wanted to send you one,but my mail is blocked moping moping

Probably not your type

moping moping moping

mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling
Houston...we have a problem ! grin
Of of mai maaaaaaaaiiiii ! frustrated frustrated

grin cheers
sad flower send me some flowers or mail guys,i will definitly replysad flower doh doh

Tell Jedd what does she need

wink wink
Jed...noooo ! grin Cos you reply with the dancing bannana ! rolling on the floor laughing

hug cheers
ok, ok, I will, Becks!!! rolling on the floor laughing wine
Thank you guys! (and gals) you are pretty funny! And t.Y. Beck, I will pretend you sent me one anyway! It's not that I do not get mail or flowers, I just wanted to state a role reversal is all!
Jed...until you find out what you need, through Hugh's grace...i'll be off for dinner !grin

I say Hello to Hugh...Jed and Becks on my way out ! tip hat motorcycle
Ok, Flo, enjoy it! Thank you, too! hug
OMG where are the gentlemen here,

men you have no manners at all...........laugh laugh
they just love to look sleep
yeah...sorry lady, I can't stop myself to make traffic when I see my friends here!!! bouquet
Hi Calliope! Well... I'm a bit weird on the "flower-stuff"! lol I avoid replying to flowers with "pre-fixed" text... Hey guys! Please take a minute or two to THINK of something unique and nice to say!!! That surely makes a lady feel she's special and not that the same flower has been sent to a dozen others by you!
Women are checked out. However distance, kids, interests, future aspirations always work to deny a possible connection. The fewer obstacles in the path of a possible relationship the better.
Depends on if you think of them as obstacles, or perhaps you could think of them as a challenge to like rise out of, Let's say,"complacency". To rise higher. Depends if you like to be alone all your life. To bend-now that is something most of us do not like to do. I have learned that I cannot stay the same;I have to change, or bend, or say I am sorry or I am wrong. We all become like this person, I can't do this and I hate that and I hate this. Perhaps it is how we perceive something. If we could stand outside ourself and look upon a situation, or a person and think of it in a different light-would it always look the same? Is our perception the only right one?
why did many ladies don't know what they want. sometimes that pis guys off. ladies pls wake up and grab your opportunity.
Not sure, in an age of equality, why you should expect a guy to make the first move anyway. But I would say in your case its fairly obvious, why would a guy want to compete with "The LOrd"?
geezz... i'd better guys sent me 'flower' .. dont 'be mine'...
but, of course, i have to check who is the sender. see his profile and everything..
I always appreciate letters and flowers or e-cards. I try to answer always unless they are an obvious, scammer! or really really young like my sons ages or something! lol.
I started this internet dating thing just a couple of months ago. At first, I wrote to many women and I invested time and effort into the emails that I sent. Rarely did I receive a response for my efforts. That was a little discouraging. Eventually I decided to keep the first email very short and basic. If a woman responded THEN Id write more. And I wont send flowers to a woman until Ive communicated with her a bit and know that Id LIKE to give her flowers.
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